When I received an invitation to go to a deep water running class, all I could think of was my hair….I did not want to get it wet!  I was promised that at this class, hair can stay dry, and it did! I put on a flotation belt, alleviating any concerns of my body in a bathing suit since it was now covered, and got in the pool where no one sees your body anyway since it’s in the deep water!



I was expecting the water aerobic class we all think of, but this was anything but!!  The women who run the class, Amy Bialek and Debbie Ragals, are a physical therapist and active exerciser, and a 3 time ironman finisher, currently training for her 4th.  The class was filled with triathletes, injured exercisers who can’t exercise on land, people trying to lose weight or maintain weight loss, and all types of exercisers who want a great workout with no stress on their joints….no pain, no pain!!


I enjoyed an hour class with great music, an amazing cardio workout with interval training and different running strides.  I worked my core and arms the entire class.  I felt amazing when I got out!  Anyone can enjoy this class, from beginners to total athletes.  It’s like a spin class….the instructor provides the workout, but you push as hard as is comfortable for you.  For class times and locations, see www.treadh2o.com.  A totally different type of workout that provides great results with no stress on your joints!!  Try it!!!!

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