Good for You & the World: Habitat for Humanity

Spring is here, and around the country many think of cleaning up, clearing out and fixing up their homes.Garage_sale_box

There is something about the return of warmer weather and blue skies that inspires many people to look around their homes and ponder things like, “We have got to do something about that old couch!”

As anyone who has de-cluttered a home or completed a larger renovation knows quite well, these projects tend to generate a huge pile of household items that need to be discarded. From gently used furniture and accessories to mini blinds that are in perfectly good shape but are no longer needed due to the new roller shades that were just installed, many homeowners wonder what they should do with their things.

Donate Your Spring Cleaning Goodies

A great option for people who need a place to donate their used items is the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. While many folks are already familiar with the non-profit organization’s quest to build housing for low-income families, not everyone knows about the ReStores. According to Habitat for Humanity, there are 825 Habitat ReStores located across the United States and Canada. People interested in donating items to a ReStore may visit the website, and enter their zip code in order to find the one that is closest to them.

What to Donate

The ReStores accept:

  • Gently used furniture
  • Home accessories
  • Appliances
  • Building materials

The items are resold at very low prices, and all proceeds go to the Habitat for Humanity affiliates to help them build and fix up more homes and communities. People are welcome to bring their used items directly to one of the ReStores, or they may also call ahead of time to arrange a pick-up.

Why Donate

ReStores prevent good quality household items from ending up at a landfill. Just because a homeowner no longer likes that bright orange couch she bought on a whim at Ikea, it doesn’t mean it should be destined for the dump. By donating it to a ReStore, the couch will stay out of the trash, go to a new home where it will be loved for years to come, and support a great cause.

What You Could Get

The ReStores can be a great resource for people renovating their homes.

  • Garage shelving and cabinets
  • Lamps
  • End tables

After all, as the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Or, in this case, one family’s gently-used garage storage shelves may very well be exactly what a young couple was looking for to help organize all of their holiday decorations. Home-improvement projects can cost a lot of money; by browsing through what is available at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore, people can find great items, save money and know they are doing something great for the community.