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With golf and tennis season in full swing, the one thing you do not want to neglect right now is your fitness program for either of these sports. In fact, it is more important now, to continue with your exercise program so it will keep your body strong, and in balance throughout your playing season. You can go play golf outdoors or practice at home with this skytrak launch monitor Australia.   Don’t forget to invest in a quality golf bag to secure your golf clubs.

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          It is a proven fact that your golf and tennis swing, just like any other one-sided repetitive activity, will eventually create major imbalances in your body. Even if you have a pretty strong backhand in tennis, your dominant side will always get more work and overload those muscles more than your weak side. These imbalances will eventually cause your joints and your musculoskeletal system to become misaligned, thus leading to chronic pain and injury.


          So as a result, the sport that we love to play, if not corrected, will actually begin to hinder our ability to play.

There is a huge correlation between muscular imbalances and our body’s ability to swing our golf club or tennis racket efficiently.  These imbalances will result in poor swing mechanics, a tremendous loss of distance and power, poor performance on the course or tennis court, and a tremendous increase in injury.


          So putting the science behind us, in laments terms, If you continue to play a predominately one-sided sport, without strengthening up both sides of your body equally, you will eventually be forced to stop playing the sport that you enjoy.

If you are currently not involved with a golf or tennis-specific exercise program, there is no time like the present to start one. Ask your trainer to do a sport-specific evaluation of your body, and help design a program that will make you stronger, more balanced, and in overall better condition for the sport that you play.


          A good sport-specific exercise program has 3 phases to it.


  1. Corrective phase.  Focus on correcting these muscular imbalances, and correcting the length and tension ratios of opposing muscle groups that put UN do stress on your joints.
  2. Strength and balance phase. Create equal strength and balance on both sides of your body with specific attention on the stabilizer muscles involved in your sport.
  3. Power phase. You must convert strength into power by adding velocity. (Ex. Power medicine ball throws) for every 1 mph increase in club head speed, you can expect about 3 more yards on your drive.



Consult your trainer at Prescriptions for Fitness, if you are ready to help take your game to the next level. After an evaluation, we will create a specific program to help you become the best that you can be. I hope this article helps to shed some light on why it is even more important to work out during the season. Want to learn more about casino games? Our friends at will help with this task. Read their article on casino games. The experts discuss significant aspects of gambling games: game variations, their payout percentage, providers, and other aspects. Many of our clients feel that they get enough exercise during their golf and tennis season, but continue to get hurt during the season. The reason is simply that they overwork one side of their bodies so much that the imbalances eventually lead to injury. This up-and-coming golf and tennis season be smart, play safe, and continue to go to the gym to stay strong, and prevent injuries.


          If you think this article is helpful to you, please feel free to pass it along to any friends and family members that participate in golf and tennis. The more people that read this and take this advice, the more people will have a productive, fun, and injury-free golf and tennis season.



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Scott Reilly is the owner of Prescriptions for Fitness in Chappaqua, NY. (914-238-0500). Along with over 20 years of personal training experience, Scott specializes in golf and tennis specific programs. After spending time at the Titleist performance Institute in California, Scott has worked with many professional and amateur players, and helped them achieve fitness levels that they never thought possible. Call today to set up an evaluation.