Expert Tips for Making the Impossible Possible

Is it possible to do the impossible?  For Patrick Bet-David it is, and he’s proved it. Bet-David, a self-made success who emigrated from war-torn Iran to the U.S. and is author of the book Doing The Impossible, says if you can dream it you can do it. 

 doing- the- impossible

He says many things that we take for granted today were once considered impossible, but visionaries know that what can be imagined can be achieved. For example: people laughed at the thought of putting a man on the moon, or who would have ever conceived the idea in the days of the Pony Express that one day we’d be able to send mail electronically in seconds?  What about building a car, computer or even the internet?


Bet-David says doing the impossible is not for the timid, and it’s not the safe and secure road. It means taking a leap of faith, leaving your comfort zone and risking failure.


His tips:


          Know your why.  If your why is strong enough, the how doesn’t matter. Your why is what fuels your life, and it’s what keeps you going when you feel tired, overwhelmed or disappointed.


          Decide to be the chosen one.  Those who dare to do the impossible desire to be the solution to a problem. They thrive on people relying on them.  They enjoy delivering on their promises. They seek out responsibility. 


          Go all in with one industry. Everyone is looking for the latest and greatest thing, but the great ones devote their passion to the one thing they love and stick to it. It means putting all your chips in the pot and becoming the best.  Good examples are Michael Jordan with basketball or Donald Trump with real estate.


          Push the envelope. This means go beyond the limits of what you know you can do and find out what you are capable of. Growth comes from resistance. If you’re not experiencing any resistance in your life, you’re probably not growing personally and professionally. 


          Silence your critics.  Doing the impossible means moving beyond the naysayers, those who doubt you and say you’ll never do it.  It will come from family, friends and colleagues, but turning the criticism into motivation is the key. Take their “it can’t be done” and turn it into “I’ll prove you wrong.”


Bet-David says if you don’t have a vision that drives you to do the impossible, the mechanics of how to get there are irrelevant. Once you fully commit yourself to the process, he says anyone can do the impossible.


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