Getting a Platform Bed? Here’s What You Need to Know


Platform beds or as you may know them ‘those cool Japanese beds’ are one of the most popular types of beds that you can own nowadays. They are often very expensive, and rightfully so because they are awesome. They come in a number of different shapes, sizes, and materials, and they look awesome. There are a few things, however, that you should take into consideration before you go ahead and buy a platform bed. We will tell you all of those in this article, however, so you needn’t worry, and rather, just keep reading!

In this article, as you may have guessed by our introduction and title, we are going to tell you what you need to know about getting a platform bed. We would just like to thank you for visiting this page, and we hope you enjoy the article!

So, you’re getting a platform bed? Here’s what you need to know.


You’re going to invest a ton of money into a platform bed because let’s admit it, they are expensive, but have you thought about a mattress? We spend, according to the sleep experts of, a third of our lives in bed. If we are not getting a good night’s sleep each time that we lay down to go to sleep, we need to rethink our sleeping arrangements. Not getting enough sleep can manifest in poor health, irritability, and a weakened immune system. Invest in a mattress that is comforting, warm, and cozy, not just a bed.


Platform beds can be very, very expensive. Because of this, we insist that you shop around and find one that is best suited to you. Many home furniture designers offer expensive platform beds that do not warrant their price. We recommend that you shop around and find a bed that is a good price and that is reasonable. Do not just buy one from a designer because you think that their bed will necessarily be better, because often this is not the case. Designer furniture manufacturers churn out cheap furniture and market it as the best, but this is rarely the case, though.


You may, rather than a big-label designer, want to opt for an artisan platform bed. These can be considerably cheaper and, in fact, are often of better craftsmanship. When you are purchasing furniture like beds, you need to take into consideration the craftsmanship. You do not want your bed to begin to peel or fall apart through usage, and instead, your bed should last you a virtual lifetime with good care. Remember, there are still beds from Georgian England being used throughout the world, so why shouldn’t your bed last you?


Platform beds come in a number of different designs, and while they are all true to form (in that they are low to the ground), you can get different designs and shapes. Think carefully about the shape of your platform bed and design. You can, if you shop carefully, make quite a statement with your bed. It does not have to be straightforward and just a ‘platform bed’ and rather you can get one that is best suited to your personality and your personal taste. Never just go for the boring default, be creative!


The material of your bed, like the craftsmanship, is very important. This is something big-label furniture designers tend to do. They sell furniture that is labeled as a luxury, but that is made out of cork. You need to get a fully wooden platform bed if you want it to last you.

What’s the point in sinking hundreds into a non-wood bed? That’s silly! Get a wooden platform bed for the same price as you would pay for a non-wooden bed. We assure you that you will thank us later for having told you. Pay for quality and material, not for aesthetics and appearances.


Have you considered going vintage? You can pick up some pretty neat low-to-the-floor vintage beds from all over the world. These beds, while expensive, yes, have flair and are pretty awesome. Investing in a vintage bed is a great way to spend your money, and while it may cost a lot, it will become a source of great enjoyment and you will enjoy it for years to come. Do not pay an extortionate price, however, for there is an infinite number of beds around, some of which are actually quite cheap, maybe even cheaper than a typical bed retailer might be.

In this article, we hope to have explained to you a few things to remember before you get a platform bed. Platform beds are a great investment and we totally recommend that you get one. We appreciate you having read this page and we thank you for joining us!


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