Get Your Shop On in Bellevue Washington

If you want to shop in Washington state, you can spend your cash at many great stores in Bellevue. It’s the perfect shopping destination for a fun weekend. A shorter type of getaway like this requires proper planning, and you can prepare for it by using this strategic travel guide.


Although buses run regularly in Bellevue, they’re not the best transportation options for a weekend shopping adventure. In order to shop reasonably according to your schedule, you’ll need to rent a car. In Bellevue, you can rent a vehicle from a local Enterprise or Hertz dealership.

If you’re going to buy a lot of items during your stay in Bellevue, rent an SUV that has plenty of cargo space. A traditional car is worth considering as well if you’re worried about parking.

Choosing the Best Place to Stay

There are many great hotels in Bellevue for you to choose from. The Hyatt House Seattle/Bellevue has options that can make your shopping adventures easier. For example, if you want to gather information about sales before traveling to the stores, you can take advantage of the free Wi-Fi. Then, after you’re done shopping, you won’t have to spend cash to park your car somewhere near the hotel because the Hyatt House has a free parking area.

All of the W hotels near Seattle are located in the center of Bellevue. They provide easy access to local stores, and there are golf courses a few miles away. You can reach the golf courses and many other attractions from this hotel in a timely manner.

The Bellevue Collection Details and Attractions

The main attractions are the stores, and you’ll find many of them at this shopping destination. There are more than 200 shops within walking distance, so you can buy a variety of products with ease. Many of the vendors sell fashion items, while others stock tech products and home décor. Highly-regarded brands are also featured in this destination. The physical Amazon Books store, Burberry, Casper, ExOfficio, Indochino, LEGO, Peloton, Rolex, Suitsupply, Tesla, Tiffany & Co., UNIQLO, UNTUCKit, and much more draw thousands of shoppers every month.

Besides stores, The Bellevue Collection also has dining spots where you can buy food. More than 50 restaurants are scattered near the stores, and over 30 cafes are available as well. The process of finding a place to order a quick bite or a full meal is never a hassle since you can sort through the options using The Collection Eats app. You can use the app to place orders and make reservations.

Many people also visit The Bellevue Collection in order to attend events. Throughout the year, organizers host different events that cater to various fans. For example, designers in the fashion field stop by during Fall Fashion Week, and families bring kids to the shopping center so that they can check out Snowflake Lane.

Bellevue Travel Strategies

Because there are many great stores in Bellevue, you may have problems transportation the bags to your hotel. A travel cart is a solution to this problem because it has convenient wheels that roll over obstacles. You can easily put a cart in a rental car if it has a collapsible base.

If you want to get great deals on products in Bellevue, plan your trip a few days before a holiday because you’ll have opportunities to take advantage of great discounts. Booking accommodations well in advance can help you both save money and get the perfect place to stay during your shopping trip.

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