Get Technical This Valentine’s With These Gift Ideas!

Valentine’s Day does not have to be all hearts and flowers and mushy stuff. Valentine’s is a day of love and adoration, and if your other half is a pure geek with a lover of all things technology, then these are the gifts you want to give them. Nothing says “I love you” like a tech gift, and these are the ones that are going to prove that you know them!


Let’s check out some tech gifts that will get you many, many favors this Valentine’s Day!

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  • Founus Fast Charging Cable Pack


There is no longer a need to be without a charger in the house or in the office, not with the Founus Fast Charging Cable Pack. There are three different cables in this pack, and as they’re color-coded, you won’t get them mixed up. This isn’t a gift that will break the bank, either, so if you’re on a budget this day for love, you’ll know you made the right choice.


  • Jaws Neckband Wireless Headphones


Is your tech-savvy partner also a runner? They’ll love these neckband wireless headphones from mpow section. No more messy wires while they run, and no more scrambling to untangle them all before listening to music. Make their workouts easier with these, and you’ll never hear the end of it!


  • Smartphone Charging Backpack


You can be on the go on your next romantic weekend and run out of charge on your phones and other devices. The good news? You gifted your partner a Smartphone Charging Backpack. These come with up to 40 hours of charge for your cell phone. It’s everything you need when you’re on an adventure, and you have no outlet with which to charge your computer.


  • A Massaging Neck and Shoulder Heat Wrap


It’s Valentine’s Day – there’s got to be something romantic in there, right? Well, with a massaging neck and shoulder heat wrap, your love can relax and unwind with their muscles worked on – without having to go anywhere! The wrap sits on the shoulder, and it massages both neck and shoulders at the same time.


  • Samsung: The Frame


Oh, this is a TV with a twist. The Samsung Frame will pop artwork on the screen when it motion-detects people in the room. If you plan to hold a dinner party, watch your screen come to life with some beautiful pictures. You can get your partner to change the artwork program every ten minutes or every week if you like. You will find that this is a frame with more than 100 pieces of excellent art, and you can even add to it with your own art choices! As it’s an HD TV with HDR, you can use it for dual TV and artwork use. It’s an excellent gift for your technology lover!


Valentine’s Day may have some gimmicks involved, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t give the day a twist for the person that you love the most. Check our suggestions online and see whether they’ll suit!