Four Reasons You Might not Be Losing Weight

It can be very frustrating to fail at losing weight. You have a goal you want to achieve, and for some reason, it just isn’t working. The following are four common causes that might be responsible for your lack of weight loss. If you can pinpoint the problem, you can develop a solution for them, as well.

Poor Diet

You need to attack weight loss from different angles. Having a poor diet can cause you to fail when you’re trying to lose weight. You could be taking in too many calories, or you could be consuming too many unfruitful calories. The first thing you need to do is calculate the calories you need to maintain your weight. You can find a calculator that will give you an approximate number. The calculator will also tell you how many calories you should take each day if you want to lose one pound a week. We recommend that you go by those instructions. Count the calories religiously if they tell you to eat 1,500 calories a day to lose weight. However, you still have to make sure that your food choices aren’t bad ones. For example, you’re probably not going to lose weight if you’re eating 1,500 calories worth of McFlurries and burgers each day. Eat lean meats and lots of vegetables and fruits. Eat nuts when you need a snack. Replace your “bad” foods with good ones to accelerate your process.


You might not be losing weight if you are under a lot of stress. Stress releases cortisol and cortisol can hinder weight loss processes greatly. Think about how stressful your life is, and be prepared to make some changes if you think it might be ruining your efforts to lose weight. It might be time to change jobs, take a break from a stressful relationship, or start meditating.

Hormonal Problems

Unfortunately, hormonal imbalances can stop weight loss in its tracks. Therefore, you might need to seek help from an expert of hormone balancing before your metabolism rises again. Your hormonal imbalance may not be your fault at all. It could be present because of the aging process, an illness, or a reproductive process. Either way, a trained expert in hormones, such as Dominique Fradin Read, can help you.

Lack of Exercise

As we said earlier, you need to approach weight loss from different angles. Exercising is something you need to do to lose weight. It won’t work on dietary changes alone, and it won’t work by taking a simple pill. You must put in the work and do some cardiovascular activities to boost your metabolism and create that caloric deficit you need. Start small. Create a goal to make it to the gym once a week. As time progresses, make your visits more frequent.

Try Your Weight Loss Plan One More Time

You now know the common reasons that weight loss can fail. Try to combat these issues and then start your attempts again. You might see a huge difference this time. Give it 30 days and see if our tips made a difference for you.