What Are Some Of The Health Benefits Of Tea?


According to legends, tea was accidentally discovered in 2737 BCE, when a leaf from an overhanging wild tea tree dove into a pot of boiling water. Some stories also claim that tea originated from India, discovered by an Indian saint who vowed to meditate for nine years. But, regardless of its history, tea has had many variations since then and is now enjoyed by people worldwide.

You can buy several types of tea, such as matcha, oolong, chamomile, and Darjeeling. You can even buy products from well-known brands, like Tea Drops, so you’ll be able to taste different varieties of tea in one purchase.

Aside from the variety of flavors, drinking tea can provide the following health benefits:

Reduces The Risk Of Heart Disease

Having an unhealthy heart can significantly take a toll on your life. Any type of heart disease can cause severe chest pain, chest pressure, and chest tightness to the point where a person can no longer move or remain productive.

If you take the time to read Black Tea Benefits: 10 Reasons It’s More Amazing Than You Knew and other similar articles, you’ll discover that drinking tea regularly can actually reduce your risk of heart disease as this contains antioxidants called flavonoids. Flavonoids work by slowing down the onset and risk of heart diseases.

Hydrates The Body

Water is vital to human health because it regulates body temperature, protects your joints, spinal cord, and tissues, and prevents constipation. And, while you can always drink water to stay hydrated, do you know that drinking tea can also provide the same effect?

Drinking tea is an excellent way to stay hydrated because, unlike water, tea comes in a wide variety of flavors. These many options can motivate you to continue drinking more liquids during the day.

Prevents Tooth Decay

Your oral health affects your overall health. Common dental problems, like gum disease and cavity, can impair your ability to speak and eat properly. When left untreated, these dental problems can cause malnutrition and poor self-esteem.

Aside from brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, drinking tea can also help prevent tooth decay and other common dental problems. This works because tea contains fluoride that boosts teeth enamel and makes your teeth stronger. The antioxidants you can get whenever you drink a cup of tea can also protect your mouth against germs and bacteria.

Promotes Weight Loss

Maintaining a healthy weight is important for you to stay active and healthy. Being obese or overweight can trigger high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and even gallbladder disease. If you’ve been trying to maintain a healthy weight or lose weight in the past, but to no avail, drinking tea can help.

According to studies, tea can promote weight loss because it contains a certain type of flavonoid called catechins that can help your body break down fats quicker and boost your metabolism. And, because some types of tea contain caffeine, drinking it regularly can give you more energy that can allow your body to burn more calories in lesser periods.

Fights Free Radicals

The human body is designed to fight free radicals and their effects on its own, but it’s not always 100% guaranteed. This is especially true for people who have weak immune systems. Since free radicals have been linked to heart disease, neurological degeneration, and cancer, it’s vital that you look for ways to boost your body’s ability to fight free radicals—this is something that teas can help you with.

Drinking tea regularly can help your body fight free radicals because it contains high levels of oxygen radical absorbance capacity or ORAC that can destroy free radicals present in your body.

Talk To A Doc

You can enjoy many health benefits when you add tea to your daily routine, but keep in mind that excessive consumption of this drink can also lead to side effects, such as headache, irritability, diarrhea, and sleeping problems.

If you want to fully enjoy tea, make sure to consult your doctor before adding the drink to your lifestyle. They can recommend the right dosage and type of tea, so you won’t end up experiencing any side effects or health risks.