Easy Tips for Staying Calm While Practicing Social Distancing



All of us are suffering with this social distancing thing with varying degrees of difficulty, but one thing we’re all definitely feeling: stress. You may be feeling it in various ways – in the form of knots in your neck, an uneasy stomach, insomnia, or just that sense of never-ending dread. Stress creeps in and makes us all anxious, irritable and sad. 


Happily, there are ways to manage stress right from the comfort of your own home; easy and affordable ways to alleviate anxiety and keep calm, even in the face of uncertain times. These are not fool-proof cures (and should not be seen as a replacement for actual medication or a doctor’s care), but can help alleviate some of the overwhelming feelings that stress can cause in us. 


Exercise and Movement

Who among us hasn’t rolled our eyes when some well-meaning individual told us to just “try yoga” when our anxiety is throwing us for a loop? We get it – when you have debilitating anxiety, going for a run isn’t going to magically alleviate our problems. 


That being said, in times of social isolation, when other, better options cease to be available, when we can’t get to our therapist for an in-person visit, when the gym is closed and the pharmacy is running behind, a little simple bodily movement can help alleviate some of the stress we’re feeling. Just a simple walk, some gentle yoga, or even some online aerobics or dance session with the kids can make a huge difference in your mood. Releasing some endorphins and breaking a sweat can help you feel better, at least temporarily. Plus, it’s good for your body, boosts the immune system and can help you sleep better. 


Herbs and Supplements

One key to feeling great mentally, energized and healthy is to follow a nutritious diet. But with many of us being unable to shop regularly, and food outages all over the country, it’s not as easy as usual to get nutrition. Supplements can help. A simple multivitamin with added Vitamins C, D and B12 are a good start. You may also want to take additional supplements such as magnesium or Omega-3 to help with focus and calm. Melatonin can aid you with sleeping problems.


If you’re having trouble managing feelings of anxiety, are dealing with some pain, depression or stress, cbd can also help. You can find online dispensaries or even local businesses who sell these in various varieties. 


Talk it Out

You may not be able to have in-person social time with friends and family, or to visit your therapist for that regular visit, but online spaces exist where you can talk to your loved ones, vent about your day and get advice and support when you’re feeling low. Reach out to friends and loved ones via social media, email, or even a good old fashioned call on the phone (people are doing that again now!). There’s no reason that seclusion has to be lonely all the time. Like the old phone tagline goes: reach out and touch someone. 


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