Does Video Marketing Really Boost the Real Estate Business?

Today, video marketing has become one of the core techniques for those realtors who wish to stand out in the market. Video Marketing helps you connect with potential buyers and increases the prospects of lead conversion, in the real estate sector. Video selling and marketing has found a niche advantage. It makes you distinctive from other realtors in front of the prospective buyer. The videos you put up make the home buying experience extremely easy and wholesome. Therefore, this helps you to forge a meaningful connection with potential home buyers and sellers and boost your sales.

Video marketing for real estate helps you to achieve greater prospects in terms of customer outreach. Further, it creates more actionable leads and warms up a customer’s response towards your proposals. The following ways enlist how exactly beneficial is the video marketing channel for real estate.


Video messages have a wider reach, and video messages via social media and email are 40% more likely to be opened. This means that they not only reach a wider audience but also are relatively more effective than any other channel of marketing in the real estate sector. 

These days video marketing can be done through embedded videos in e-mail marketing and social media marketing. Moreover, videos today have embedded links that can direct the prospect on to your website without even changing platforms. This ensures high-quality traffic is directed to your website.


Sometimes telephonic descriptions and 3D blueprints fail to convey what a simple photo slideshow maker can achieve. The perceptibility of spaces, the details inside the house are clearer to explain. This resolves essential questions in the buyer’s mind, such as how spacious the property is, the features inside the house, the interiors’ condition, etc. 

A clarity of factors is more likely to improve the customer’s understanding and satisfy his interests. Often, satisfied clients end up becoming long term owners in real estate.


Video marketing is mostly hassle-free. These days a video can be made on the right lighting conditions with nothing but a phone with a good camera. The promotion of your business and the property can be done as easily. 

It, therefore, not only saves time in your daily business activities for promotion it also saves time for the buyer. The buyer can understand a property’s nuances with the click of a button and just a few minutes. Once a video is made, it can be reshared and customized for further use as per the prospect’s profile. 

Further, videos have many more features, such as customized introductions and effects, to better understand the buyer’s mind. Thus, it is a time saving and engaging channel not only for the marketer but also for the prospect.

Boosting Sales

What improves sales? Is it the relationship you create with your customer base? Or is it convincing the prospect of the advantages you possess over your competition? No matter what your query is, video marketing can resolve it. 

To top it all, it is easily customizable to ensure a one-to-one interaction with your prospect. This way, video marketing has the unique ability to resolve questions and doubts faster in a potential customer’s mind. 

Videos can showcase many features and amenities in the property and build a strong personal connection. These factors help augment marketing strategies and bolster sales.

Highly Interactive

Video marketing is an interactive and engaging medium for marketing. The video you send to a customer can explain and convince a customer about a video’s facets. It is more likely to generate interest in a customer in relation to newsletters, e-mails, etc. 

Videos are inherently interesting for any prospect and are more likely to generate engagement from a prospect than any other medium. Videos that are further customized through embedded links facilitate a better lead generation due to high interaction with the seller.

Establishes Trust

A video introduction helps to cement trust with your prospective buyer because of its unusual ability to grab attention. Many home sellers research less, while others opt for the first agent. Introduction videos are a great way to strike that first impression and ultimately become the face your customers rely on.

Expands Marketing Options Through Social Media

Video marketing helps you cast a wide net for searching the prospective buyer. Most videos are usually easily uploadable on social networking sites. Therefore they maximize your marketing channels and minimize your costs. 

Videos are effective in not just attracting potential buyers but also in establishing your brand name in the market in lieu of quality property searches. Furthermore, most social media platforms have an algorithm that heavily leans in favor of video formats. 

For instance, Instagram videos boast of about 38% more engagement than any other non-video updates. This maximizes the traffic towards your website and significantly improves your business volume.

Ensures Better Leads

Videos are more effective because they have a high likelihood of being opened than any other conventional promotional medium. When a video is sent to a customer, their curiosity is piqued as they want to find out how it plays out. 

This means that the video format warms up the customer to be more receptive and open to the content inside. Thus, while clicking on the video, the customer is approaching the matter with an open mind. 

Moreover, by facilitating a clearer perception of the property and better explanations, a video is more effective in leading leads. Not only this, but video marketing also helps to convert these leads from a prospect to a satisfied client.


What must be borne in mind is that the video format is a more favorable channel in the real estate sector. However, a lot of its benefits are decided by the type of content that you make. The more exciting and interesting your content is, the more likely it is for you to convert your hot leads. Otherwise, your videos may be cast aside for being dull and boring. Dull video content would not yield the desired results and render the entire process futile.