6 Ways That You Can Work Out Like a Spartan


The Spartans were an ancient warrior society hailing from Greece. They are synonymous with physical strength and unrelenting courage. The Spartans reached the height of their power after defeating their rivals, the Athenians, in the Peloponnesian War, which lasted from four thirty-one to four-hundred and four B.C.

The Spartan society was orientated entirely around its military; at the age of seven, young Spartan boys entered into the rigorous military and educational training. The Spartan men and women were known for their disciple and endurance. Training and becoming like a Spartan is something that is not easily done, and this page will hope to tell you a few workouts that will get you into peak physical shape, so you too can be a modern Spartan warrior.

Here are six ways to work out as an ancient Spartan and get the body of your dreams.

Combat Training

Combat training is an integral part of any Spartan workout routine. There are many available, and whether you opt for physical training in a gym or the MMA app on the Play Store, combat training will be of great benefit to you and will help you to get into shape. Combat training is a lot of fun and teaches discipline and endurance. There are many forms of combat training, with MMA quickly becoming the most popular.

If MMA is not for you, however, you have many to choose from. Some popular combat sports are jujutsu, aikido, judo, karate, Thai kickboxing, taekwondo, and many others. Combat training is often performed in combination with other forms of fitness, some of which will be mentioned below and further down this page. Combat training is essential to any Spartan workout, and you absolutely must undertake some form of combat sport.


Going for regular runs is essential should you want to push your body to maximum overdrive. Many people perform a variety of exercises but neglect running and jogging. Going for regular runs and jogs can boost your endurance and stamina and help increase your heart health and overall fitness. Starting to run when you have not been running for a long time can seem difficult initially, but after a few runs, you will become like second nature, and you will gradually warm up to it. Definitely include running in your exercise routine – it will offer significant benefits.


Push-ups are a very powerful and beneficial exercise that is easily performed and can seriously increase your strength and stamina. Push-ups are an exercise often overlooked and forsaken. Many fitness trainers suggest that push-ups can have no real benefit cosmetically and cannot make you look ripped – but this is a falsity. They certainly can. Try to do one hundred push-ups in a five-minutes challenge. A five-minute challenge is a fantastic way for you to put on muscle, get strong, and get fit. Do your push-ups one-handed like a real Spartan if you’re tough enough for it.


Squats build lower-body muscles and strengthen your core. Squats have been an exercise performed for a very long time – and is one that the ancient Spartans may well have performed themselves. Squats can be weighted or freestanding. However, you perform your squats, be sure to keep proper form, keep your back straight, and do your squats properly. Doing squats improperly can be detrimental to your physical health and can actually cause you quite a lot of harm. Do your squats regularly, and every time you work out to make the most out of them.



Abdominal crunches can help you to get washboard abs and can strengthen your core and abdominal muscles. Crunches are an exercise that, like squats, has been performed for a very long time, and one the ancient Spartans may well have been performing themselves. Abdominal crunches are challenging work and can really put stress on your abdomen, which is why, just like squats, you must perform the exercise correctly, lest you cause damage or strain to your abdomen. Crunches should be performed as part of your regular workout and, over time, will help you to build muscles.


Pull-ups are an absolutely fantastic exercise, and definitely very useful in putting on muscle and getting fit. Performing daily pull-ups will turn your upper body into pure steel and will be a fantastic way to get into shape. Pull-ups should be performed as part of your daily workout routine.

Now, with the help of this page, you know how to become a Spartan from the comfort of your own home. Many of us have been unable to attend gyms, and with the lockdown imposed as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have had to start working out indoors.