4 Underwear Mistakes You Are Probably Making



Looking for underwear may seem like an easy task, but the truth is you need more knowledge to choose the right one. It is not enough that it is just pretty, there are other important things that you should keep in mind to avoid mistakes that can harm you.

Here are 4 of the most common mistakes that you are probably making but you didn’t know. Continue reading to find out how to avoid them.

1. Choosing Inappropriate Fabrics

Silk, polyester, lace, and any other synthetic fabrics may look sexy or cute, but they are not breathable. These fabrics can increase trapped and retained moisture, which can lead to yeast or bacterial infection. If you can’t avoid wearing this type, try to look for one with a cotton-lined crotch. You should let your vagina breathe, cotton might not be the ideal sexy underwear, but it can keep you healthy. Being knowledgeable about your panty preferences can help prevent any unwanted diseases.

2. Not Buying New Ones

Our underwear always has bacteria in it even after washing. Like buying new clothes, you should also regularly buy and change your underwear. It may seem pointless, but you don’t need to wait for your panty to fall apart before buying a new one. Make sure to replace them with a comfortable and the right material that is recommended. Get information from a reliable source on the internet to make sure you are getting the appropriate underwear. Moreover, experts suggest you should change them at least every 6 months.

3. Wearing The Wrong Size

Wearing underwear that is too tight is also a mistake. The skin around your vagina is thin and sensitive, thus it is important to wear underwear that fits you correctly. Tight underwear can cause friction, marks, and rashes. Like choosing the inappropriate fabrics, tight underwear can cause trapped heat and moisture and can end up causing vaginal infection. To know your correct size, measure your waist and your hips. The crotch shouldn’t sag or too tight, and the waistband shouldn’t clump, roll, or dig into your skin. Lastly, make sure that it’s comfortable on your buttocks area.

4. Improper Washing and Use of Detergents

Washing your underwear properly and using the correct type of detergent will keep your underwear in good shape and your vagina healthy. Like mentioned, the skin around your vagina is thin and sensitive, so dirty and scented laundry products can cause serious irritation and itching. Wash your underwear with mild detergent, dry them thoroughly before wearing. Do not reuse any dirty pair, as much as possible change with a fresh pair every time needed. If you don’t have a fresh pair, it is okay to go commando, especially at night when sleeping.

To sum it up, these underwear mistakes you are making can make you prone to any infection and diseases. It can cause us discomfort, make us unhealthy, and lower our self-confidence. With this information in hand make sure that you avoid doing these and work on making yourself comfortable, clean, and will be confident about yourself every day.