Do You Have To Be Medically Trained To Take Lip Filler Course

In the last couple of decades, people have turned to various types of procedures to enhance their looks and in some parts of the world, they are performed by non-medical staff who has more or less experience in this field.

Is something like this safe and permissible? It depends on who you ask, but if you’re trying to be rational and honest, then the answer is supposed to be no. If you want to know why then keep reading to get the right answer.

Why Non-Medics Should Not Take Lip Filler Course?

It’s All About The Risk

Every procedure of this kind comes with certain risks. It doesn’t matter whether we talk about injectable lip fillers or dermal lip fillers, at the end of the day, you have to be at least a nurse or registered practitioner to do something like this.

All these things require certain knowledge and experience. For instance, if you want to do lip fillers, then you have to be familiar with the anatomy of the human face, pharmacology, and nervous system.

Sometimes, even if you’re a beautician, you will not be able to take a lip filler course. That’s why, if you are that interested in a lip filler course, make sure to acquire some knowledge and experience in the medical field. In time, you will understand why this is the best option for both, you and future patients.

What Can Happen If You Hire A Non-Medical Personnel?

Potentially Bad Outcome

As it was previously mentioned, licensed medical experts are forced to pass strict exams if they want to acquire their license. What does it mean? It means that they have to invest lots of years of hard work and dedication in both theoretical and practical training.

Only then they are able to implement their skills when it comes to botox or lip filler injections. If your employees do not have proper medical knowledge, then they can potentially jeopardize the safety of your patients, which can lead to blindness, granulomas, and sometimes even death!

Not Reliable And Professional

When someone wants to do something with their body, especially their face, they also want to know about potential risks and benefits. That’s something that non-medical personnel cannot offer your patients.

These individuals can only “promise” them that they will feel nicer or look better, but is that enough? It definitely isn’t! A reliable and experienced professional must be able to tell his or her patient all about potential consequences, along with the benefits as well.

Only then you can receive informed consent for the forthcoming medical procedure. More importantly, only a medical professional is able to recognize or predict the potential side effects of a certain procedure.

You cannot expect the same from a person who has only finished a single course, yet, he/she hasn’t gone through any form of academic schooling. Therefore, it’s no surprise if that individual isn’t able to provide his/her patients with basic medical knowledge.



Based on the facts that were provided in this article, it is easy to conclude that you cannot mess with these things unless you do not have a plethora of experience and knowledge in this field. So think about it first before you make any decision!