Childhood Memories We’ll Never Forget


We all have key memories in our lives, ones we remember throughout our lifetime. Despite the fact that all we want when we’re kids is to grow up and get to do what we want, we have no idea what awaits us and once we finally become adults, we tend to be very nostalgic about our childhood. If you think about it, these memories represent some sort of a safety net and something you always go back to in times of trouble or melancholy. We rarely think about it consciously and sometimes the most inexplicable memories spring to mind, but we remember them fondly. It’s hard to list the most common ones, but we’ve come up with a list that will refresh and evoke your own childhood memories. See how many of these match your own.

Playing outside

We all had that childhood gang we used to play with when we were kids. Games with kids from the hood is something one never forgets. Rain or shine, our prime daily goal was always to be allowed to go out on the street and play. Chasing each other around, playing hide and seek, sports or roleplay, everyone has a bunch of games they used to play outside. It’s such a carefree time when we would just enjoy each moment without any worries. All we needed is our parents’ permission to go and we would cope with any weather and even find a creative way to fit it into our gameplay. It’s actually a very important time that taught us all about teamwork and getting by using our own wits.


Holidays will always have a special place in our hearts. We carry all our childhood traditions with us all our life. When you’re a kid, Christmas is one of your favorite time, especially if your whole family is into it. It’s a time when the whole family is free to socialize and enjoy group activities regarding decorating and making the whole house festive. It may be clear to you instantly or you might have never thought about it before, but we all tend to recreate childhood scenarios and repeat the same actions when it comes to preparation for the holidays. We try to prepare the same meals and decorate the house in the same manner we used to when we were kids. Sometimes, it’s hard to find decorations exactly like the ones you had years ago, but you can find great classic Christmas decorations in Australia online and see if you can evoke some memories.

Bedtime stories

If your parents used to read or tell bedtime stories to you, it’s one of the precious memories you’ll cherish at all times since it’s quite a unique experience you’re not likely to have any other time in the future. It also creates a special bond between the child and the parent. It’s a very intimate act and a very significant one. It allows the child to feel safe and it gives them great predispositions to having sweet dreams and developing their imagination even further. It is said that fairy tales have a high impact on the development of a child’s imagination and the act of reading fairy tales to children before bed is greatly encouraged by psychologists.

Being cuddled

Another unforgettable memory is definitely being cuddled. We all have that feeling of desperation and being overwhelmed from time to time. These situations make us miss the times when our parents would just hold us in their arms and make everything better. You probably know it as the “I want my mommy” feeling and it stems from the safety you used to feel when you were a kid and your parents would console you. This is probably the safest we feel as kids and we long for that same feeling quite often which is why we remember it frequently.

Most of us remember the same kind of childhood things. Most of our memories are happy ones that made us feel protected and loved. However, there is also trauma from the past that can be minor or significant, but we focused on the good stuff most people can probably relate to. There are also other things, some may even seem random. Who knows? The human brain is still largely a mystery and we can’t explain everything it does, but one thing is for sure – it’s fascinating.


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