Can IV Therapy Coincide with a Holistic Lifestyle?


There is no getting around it. Our society has become overly dependent on traditional pharmaceutical drugs. The global market for pharmaceuticals was worth $935 billion in 2017. Most experts predict that the market will grow to $1.17 trillion by the year 2021.

The prescription drug epidemic is even more pronounced in some regions. The United States currently accounts for 5% of the global population, but is responsible for nearly 80% of the global drug market. This is largely due to a societal emphasis on using drugs as the first course of treatment.

Many people are looking for more holistic health options. One option that people are considering is IV treatments. What are IV treatments viable for people looking towards a holistic lifestyle? There are a number of reasons that many people are asking “where can I find an IV therapy near me?”

IV therapy is a growing health trend

Earlier this year, Good Morning America wrote an article about the IV therapy trend. It has become one of the top wellness trends of 2019.

There is a lot of support for this new type of therapy. In the past, IV therapies were reserved for the privileged of society. Only wealthy celebrities could afford to access this cutting -edge treatment.

The cost of IV therapy has dropped considerably. Many everyday people have started using it.

Why IV therapy is an ideal holistic treatment

There are a number of reasons that people are turning to IV therapy. One of the biggest benefits is that it is a holistic alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals.

IV therapies are injections of vitamins. They are excellent for treating a variety of health problems without the same side effects that come with countless drugs. There might be some side effects for people who have difficulty tolerating high doses of certain vitamins, but they are generally very safe, especially considering the health benefits that they provide.

Although IV therapy is a holistic treatment, it is safe because it is performed by experienced professionals that take sensible precautions.

Intravenous therapy is a multidisciplinary area of specialization in which nurses are involved. The objectives are aimed at a single goal: providing benefits to the patient without unnecessary medication. In order to carry it out in a safe manner, continuous care to change the injection sites is required as it is a procedure performed with great frequency at all levels of care.

The most common way to apply an intravenous treatment it by selecting a suitable vein in a certain anatomical area. The next is, depending on the patient’s condition and the treatment to be applied, to puncture it with a suitable catheter and administer the medication or solutions indicated by the doctor. Finally, it is of vital importance to avoid the appearance of associated complications, through the standardization of appropriate care, to the point of insertion, the skin, the catheter itself and the infusion equipment, among other factors. Medical professionals understand all of this and take these precautions, which is why IV therapies are safely administered.

Doctors overseeing the treatments must receive adequate training and continuing education, as an integral part of their professional career. They must also make sure that the nurses that they delegate these duties to are able to handle these tasks as well. Since all professionals are well-trained, patients can be comfortable knowing that the treatment can be performed without causing unnecessary scar tissue or excess complications.

There are a number of reasons people try using IV therapy. Some people use them when they are suffering from a very uncomfortable health problem, such as the flu. They believe that injecting their bodies with high levels of vitamins can make a big difference. There is a strong rationale for this. People having certain health problems will be depleted of vitamins as their body needs them to produce antibodies to fight off the infection.

Other people don’t only turn to IV therapy when they need to overcome a pervasive health problem. They incorporate it into their daily routine. They recognize that vitamin deficiencies are the cause of many health problems and that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

A number of people have sworn by the efficacy of IV therapy. They see it as a very reliable treatment for many health ailments.


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