The best places in New York are in Westchester

New York is not all tall buildings and  Broadway shows.  There are actually some really cool places in New York other than New York City,and most of them are in Westchester.

If you’re a real New Yorker, you probably see something of a pattern here: 10 out of 11 of these places are in Westchester County, just north of New York City.

If you think New York City is the top spot in New York, you clearly haven’t been to these. Here are the actual best places in the Empire State according to  Movoto Real Estate, Movoto is a national online real estate brokerage. Their blog has been recognized for its unique approach to city-based research by major news organizations around the world such as Forbes, CBS News, and The New York Times. 

.The 10 Best Places In New York By Movoto Real Estate