As We Approach the Holidays, It’s Time To Stop Reaching For Perfection

In this beautiful and gift-ready collection of readily actionable tips, parenting mentor Sue Groner distills the best parenting wisdom into one easy-to-read book, providing simple, fun, and effective guidance. Parenting with Sanity and Joy will help parents feel more confident as they navigate one of the most important roles they will ever take on.  Sections include Parenting Golden Rules, Family Time, Rules and Respect, Perspective and Judgment, Gratitude and Attitude, Food and Dining, Forbidden Phrases, Life Skills, and Family Management.

If we stop and look for positives that may have come from this unprecedented year, I think one we can appreciate is being forced to pause and reflect; how parents approach the holiday season is no exception.

Whether it was the simple day-to-day routines or holiday rituals, parents burdened a self-induced pressure to be perfect. With each task, we held onto the hope that perfection would lead to happiness, but what we found is more often than not, it resulted in nothing more than stress and disappointment as you chase after an unattainable goal.

I wrote my book because I felt it important to remind parents around the country, that you’re parenting through a pandemic! None of us were prepared for this, there are no books, no courses, no workshops that can adequately encompass the feat every parent in this country continues to accomplish.

I wanted to be a voice to all the mothers out there that this year, it’s time to stop striving for perfection, and simply embrace the feeling of being “good enough,” this is not the year to try and recreate a scene from a Norman Rockwell painting.

Throughout my book, I focus on giving simple, actionable tips, and with the holiday season approaching and the next wave of COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions looming, I wanted to share a few of those tips with you now:


  1. Embrace The Change – For some, the traditional family celebration may need to look a lot different this year and there’s not much we can do about it. Don’t kill yourself trying to make traditions happen. Accept that there are things outside of your control and do the best you can to find alternatives.
  2. Remember The Spirit Of The Holiday – Allow this to be the year where the focus is more about connecting with loved ones (even if that’s virtual) and not about cooking the perfect meal or dressing the kids up in the perfect outfits.
  3. Start New Traditions – There were probably traditions you’ve been doing for years that you didn’t even particularly look forward to, so this is your chance to rewrite the script! Talk with your family to see what activities or traditions they want to start and then work together to make them special.


Sue Groner is a nationally renowned parenting expert, entrepreneur, and author of the new book, Parenting with Sanity and Joy: 101 Simple Strategies.

As the mother of two young adults, Susan G. Groner knows how stressful and overwhelming parenting can be at times. She founded The Parenting Mentor to provide an ally for parents in their quest to raise confident and resilient children. Sue is also the creator of the CLEARR™ method of parenting, developed through years of trial (and her fair share of errors!) with her own family. CLEARR™ adheres to the belief that parenting strategies should be grounded in six important pillars: Communication, Love, Empathy, Awareness, Rules, and Respect. This has become the cornerstone of her practice as The Parenting Mentor.