Easy Tips That Will Help Men Achieve That Stylish Rugged Look


When it comes to men’s wear, breaking out from the norm, mostly a tux or a suit, is fun, casual, and quite frankly, not an uphill task to pull off. Think of a laid-back, chic, simple yet sophisticated look that oozes class and comfort.


 The aim is to stand out and give good first impressions before you even utter a word. Skip the norm, don’t be boring. Here’s how you can dress up and be seen:

Ditch Too Many Accessories

Too many accessories are an eyesore – literally. Imagine when you meet a guy across the streets with several necklaces, ten pieces of silver to their hands, watch, together with a wide shiny buckle on their waist. If you pull off such a look, nothing is appealing to it. You look confused and sort of in the middle of a phase in self-discovery. Instead, please keep it simple. A watch would look good, together with a well-fitting belt on your trousers.

Avoid a Clean Shave

You wouldn’t want to look childish or the extreme by looking quite unkempt. To achieve a clean look, grow out your beard to a manageable length. Please consider careful beard trimming, and the use of cleaning essentials expertly made by The Bearded Chap to do you justice.  You can also let your hair grow by applying beard oil for men and do a no-shave, no-comb look and remain stylish.

It gives you a mature look, without looking nerd-like, child-like, or worse, too unkempt with a wrong hair length or beard.

Wear a Classic Shirt

An excellent way to get your groove with your shirt is to keep it plain and simple. Choose one-colored shirts over multi-patterns. Don’t hurriedly pick it from the dryer and toss it on. Please give it a little pressing to straighten out any wrinkles. You will get a polished look.


Furthermore, you can tweak it up a bit and throw a jacket on top. The coat should be well-fitting too. A leather jacket is a good catch on this look. Instead of a shirt, you can also wear a sweater or a warm hoodie. You can again pull it up the arms-length up to your elbow and see the magic play out.

Shoes Are a Great Deal Too

Contrary to popular belief that a man should only have a few pairs of shoes, avoid such altogether. Do not be afraid of spending on your shoe purchases. Get well-fitting, comfortable, and single-colored shoes. Imagine the overall appeal you will have when you add a hat on top.

Denim is Easy to Pull Off


When it comes to your trousers, denim is an absolute favorite to complete a rugged look. If you also prefer to wear rugged jeans, go ahead. The stylish tears can be across your knees and a little bit on the thigh. Avoid having too many tears that will show excess skin or extremely tight trousers that will affect your walking or reveal your crotch.

The general idea is to wear anything that can bring out the stylish and rugged look without trying too hard. Plus, you never know- the girl you’ve been eyeing to take out for coffee could say yes, thanks to your look.