So do you agree that women are truly more sociable online?


I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how often do you go online for Facebook? Or do you regularly update on Twitter?

I’m asking because there seems to be a correlation between social media and your gender — and women actually dominate the online world.

In fact, during peak hours, almost 76 of online users who do Facebook are actually women, and that they update their statuses on Twitter and Instagram way more often than men. This is an interesting figure to consider, and is probably why a lot of brands appeal or target women when it comes to their online marketing campaign.

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  • Women like discovering new things in lifestyle sites like Pinterest.
  • They are also more expressive when it comes to their thoughts as seen in the number of female users in Tumblr.
  • A good number of women find information on current affairs and various topics through online news.
  • When it comes to career sites however, men tend to browse more.

So do you agree that women are truly more sociable online?

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