A Beginner’s Guide to Enjoying Classical Music




The world of classical music is rich and varied, but it can also be complicated for a beginner. Discover the best classical music for beginners here.


Kids who listen to classical music often have better concentration skills and self-discipline.

Classical music also has tremendous benefits for adults. It can lower blood pressure, reduce, stress, spark creativity, and more.

While classical music may have a lot of benefits, it can also be hard to find the right kind of classical music to enjoy. That’s why it’s best to begin with some classical music for beginners. It’s best to figure out what you enjoy the most.

You can either start with Mozart, Beethoven, Debussy, Bach, or others. But it’s important to recognize what songs you should listen to first. By listening to them, they can inspire you to recognize the greatness of classical music.

Here’s a guide on what to listen to and how it can help you relax.

Holst – The Planets

There’s no better place to start when it comes to classical music for beginners than The Planets.

Composed of seven sections by Gustav Holst, this orchestra offers a delightful listen to anyone, especially for beginners.

This particular piece is about Mars and Jupiter, but the entire piece is actually enjoyable for anyone.

You should also consider exploring more songs by Gustav Holst, who is a great classical artist for beginners.

Claude Debussy 

If you’re looking for a particular artist who plays wonderful classical music, Claude Debussy is the perfect artist.

He is famous for playing piano pieces that did not conform to the musical theory during his time period. He believed pleasure was the only valid reason to play music, not conforming to theory.

Beginners who want to listen to classical music will enjoy Claude Debussy’s memorizing pieces, especially Deux Arabesques. This particular piece shows Debussy’s style with the piano and how he enjoyed the piano.

Another famous piece by Debussy is Suite BergamasqueInspired by poetry, this piece is a four-movement suite that is inspired by a poem.

If you want to listen to another fantastic piece by Debussy and you’re beginning your classical music journey, check out La Mer. It’s one of his most popular pieces.

While there are other songs by Claude Debussy, these songs are often considered the best. But you should also listen to his other songs to understand his influence in classical music.

Ludwig Van Beethoven 

If you want to continue discovering classical music from some of the greatest artists of the 19th and 20th centuries, Ludwig Van Beethoven is a wonderful place to start.

Symphony No. 5 is considered one of his best pieces. It would be a great way to be introduced to Beethoven and his classical music.

Symphony No. 5 has the traditional 4 movements and often defined the Romantic era. You will be memorized listening to this specific piece, especially if you are trying to find classical music to listen to.

Symphony No. 9 is another well-known piece by Beethoven. It is often considered a source of inspiration for other composers.

You should also consider listening to many other songs by Ludwig Van Beethoven to truly appreciate his contribution to classical music.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the titans of classical music. His study of classical music influenced Baroque style. He was also influential on other composers, like Johann Sebastian Bach, Joseph Haydn, and others.

If you want to introduce yourself to classical music, Mozart is a great place to start. Horn Concerto No. 4 in E flat major is one of his most popular pieces. It’s a cheery song that uplifts anyone’s mood.

Piano Concerto No. 21 (‘Elvira Madigan’) in C major in another famous song by Mozart. It’s often heard in movies.

Mozart also has plenty of other good songs you should listen to if you want to understand his style of music and one of the best classical music artists.

What Should You Listen for in Classical Music?

While you may know what artists to listen to based on the list in this article, you may not know what kind of melody or parts of the music you should try to pay attention to.

Listen to the melody and the rhythm. When you listen to the melody, you want to listen to the iterations and the variations.

You want to see how the music transcends as it follows one note after another.

Another thing to consider is the emotion the song expresses. Listen to these classical songs by classical artists and ask yourself if the song is about laughter or sadness.

Discover your taste in music. While some songs follow a certain melody and rhythm, it’s important that you discover the taste you like. You don’t have to like Beethoven, Mozart, or Debussy.

You can like whoever you want. It can be an unfamiliar artist with their own unique style. You don’t have to like classical music from the most popular and influential artists.

If you want to discover classical music that you enjoy, explore a range of classic songs that open up your taste in music.

You can also watch some orchestras and be amazed at how they perform. You can do this on YouTube or with a Chromecast for Mac that puts the picture on the TV.

The Best Classical Music for Beginners

Classical music for beginners is a fun experience because you explore a new world of music. You understand how different instruments, the style, the tone, and the melody and the rhythm all work together to create enchanting music.

If you want to introduce yourself to classical music, this is the best place to start. It’s enjoyable music and you understand how each classical artist is unique. You understand what they did in their time period and how it influenced a culture of classical music moving forward.

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