7 things women should know about breast implants

Women and men, both, measure a woman’s attractiveness by the size of her boobs and bigger the boobs, more attractive she is. Change in the shape and size of the boobs that happens post-delivery and also due to weight loss might result in low self-esteem.

Breast implants have become the ’IN’ thing for women who want the perfect breasts, in terms of size and shape and if you are one among the hundreds of women considering breast augmentation procedure, know that you are not alone. Breast augmentation or better known, implants are quite different from breast reconstruction. In breast augmentation, an implant made of either silicone or saline is inserted above or below the pectoral muscle with the purpose of increasing the breast size and give them a beautiful shape.

According to surveys, breast augmentation surgery was the most demanded cosmetic surgery in the year 2016, with about 200,000 women undergoing the surgery in the US alone.

It is better to be prepared beforehand and have complete knowledge before signing up for the procedure. If you are better informed and know of the side effects the procedure can cause, you will be better armed at making the decision of whether do you really need the implants.

Once you have decided on going with the implant, it is time to consult a certified plastic surgeon and discuss few of the important points before going under the knife. Here we have listed the 7 important things you should know if you are considering to opt for the breast implants.

  1. Choosing the best option

Consult on the best option available and the type of implant that will be best for you. There are two options for breast implants – silicone and saline. Silicone implants are most widely used implants as they are more natural to look at.

Silicone implants are pre-filled implants made of silicone and filled with silicone gel as well. The surgeon makes an incision and inserts the implant under or above the muscle and there, you are done.

In saline implant, a cover made of silicone is inserted and later filled with saline water according to the pre-decided size.

You can choose one implant or the other after considering the advantage of one over another. In silicone implants incision is bigger than the saline ones, as they are pre-filled and have a definite size. And in case of a leak, saline implants are the safer option as saline water is similar to the body fluids.

  1. Implants are not permanent

Before you sign up for the surgery, bear in mind that these implants are not permanent. You need to get the implants redone about a decade later. Certain reasons make it a must for re-implant like pregnancy, obesity and leak in the implants, scar shell development and such. These reasons may warp the shape and create the need for new implants.

  1. Be prepared for the pain

With advancement in medical science, breast augmentation surgery has become simpler than before and doctors prescribe post-surgery medications to alleviate pain but pain experience is individual. So, it is better to be prepared for the pain and discomfort post-surgery. You will have to be bed-ridden for a few days with minimal arms movement.

  1. Loss of sensation in your nipples

Breast augmentation can lead to loss of sensation in your nipples. It usually happens for a short period of time, ranging from six months to two years at the outset. It is quite rare for the loss of nipple sensation to happen forever.

The reason for the loss may be due to any nick that might occur to the nerves during the invasive procedure. Being prepared for the same will prevent you from getting scared when the same does occur. So, discuss the loss of nipple sensation with your doctor and what to expect and about how long it may last.

  1. Changes in the breast texture

Going for a size that doesn’t suit your body type will not only make you feel uncomfortable and get you prone to side-effects, it will change the texture of your boobs to a great deal.

Your partner might feel it a little different to touch, but give it some time to adjust and him time to get used to the implant. Choosing the right size and type is quite important for your breasts to look and feel natural.

  1. Augmentation takes time

Don’t expect to get the breasts of your dreams the very next morning or the mornings after the surgery; the process takes time. The tissues need to heal and take shape. You might be disheartened to look at yourself in the mirror after the surgery but with the passage of time, you will see your breasts taking the shape that you have only dreamt of. But, bear in mind the augmentation is subjected to individual experience and may vary person to person.

  1. Regular maintenance is must

Post implants surgery, it is mandatory for you to have regular check-ups for any kind of ruptures or leaks. Although implants are safe and come with a warranty, there is a chance for leaks and scar shells to develop around the implants.

Getting an MRI done will screen the occurrence of any such leaks and formations.



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