7 Steps to Being a Goddess On The Go

  • *Women often multi-task their lives away, putting everyone else ahead of their own well-being in their role as caregivers.The Result: a feeling of disconnect from their identities, which were once so clear.


    From new moms to empty-nesters, entrepreneurs and in all fields of endeavor, women benefit from putting themselves first, becoming part of a supportive community, and sharing their lives with each other.


    *Leora Edut formed Goddess On The Go in 2012 to help women realize that they can and should take time for their own evolution, and that their worlds (work, families, friends) will not disintegrate. Since its inception, Goddess On The Go workshops have taken place nationwide and been attended by thousands of overwhelmed women looking for inspiration, self-love and a place to revel in good energy.






7 Steps To Being A Goddess On The Go



  1. The #1 thing is developing a healthy relationship with yourself.  Take time to get to know who YOU are. So many women are mindlessly always on the go, or giving to others. Rarely do we feel deserving of taking moments out for ourselves to tap into how we truly feel about important life situations.


  1. Spend time alone with yourself in quiet places. Disconnect from those smartphones and all of those addictive electronic devices (I’m guilty of sending out just 1 more email or text.) Too much time spent plugged in causes us to miss out on being present and enjoying life. When you arrive in your peaceful place, begin to journal your feelings. Remember, this is a no-judgment zone. Let yourself be in your own flow.


  1. Meditate to Satiate-I’m sure you have heard about everyone from Oprah to your local Starbucks barista raving over meditation. The truth is the stuff works. It’s a moment to turn off your internal dialogue, limiting beliefs or stories that are swirling around in your head and reconnect to your intuition. The thing that we as women push away or tend to ignore.  At first it may seem weird, but start off with 5 minutes and increase it a little more every day. YouTube/Pandora/I-music all have great guided-meditations. Find a comfy quiet place and ohhmmm your way to peace.


  1. “Get up, Get up, get up, I want to see you move that body. ” It’s the easiest way to reconnect with all of our body. Some of us, and I’m only speaking from experience, live in our head. From the neck down we have 0 relationships to the rest of lady parts. Feminine movement has us embrace each of our senses. Like how good it feels to move our hips in a circle or how soft and sensual our own touch is.  Some of my favorite classes are Qoya, S-factor, and Journey Dance. This is a great way to let loose and put aside our own self-judgment for an entire hour or 2, with other women.


  1. Find a circle of women who support you on a regular basis.  As women we know all too well how to strap up our Shero cape. Sadly, that can be an extremely lonely ride.  If we were meant to do everything ourselves, we wouldn’t have been put on the planet with a billion other people. All over the world, women are coming together at this moment to authentically support each other in living our best lives. It’s the belief of another that fills you up and gives you courage to take those scary steps. Check out MeetUp.com or your local yoga studio. Promise that there is a goddess tribe who’s seeking you as much as you are seeking them.


  1. Take yourself out on adventure dates.  They can be all alone or with a group of girlfriends. How many of us have a list in our head of the things we will do ONE day. Like skydiving or trying that rooftop farm to table restaurant? You know exactly what I’m talking about.  Life is happening now, the one thing you will never get back is time. As Nike says “Just Do It.” Take time to make it an experience by wearing something you feel beautiful in, or grabbing a gal pal who fills you up to be around.



  1. No matter what is happening in life, put yourself FIRST. When the brown stuff hits the ceiling it’s easy to let ourselves go, completely. I had a freak out moment last week where I saw my entire life falling apart. I’m a new mamma-to-be and sometimes it really freaks me out! Non-Gamstop Casinos, games not on gamstop in UK.  Calling upon my girlfriends for support and re-centering into my own practices helps me get through it. Our daily self-care is important. That means daily doses of doing good things for yourself,  i.e. meditation, getting enough rest (women can turn into that crazy alien when we ignore this, having goddess time where we can just be ourselves, dance breaks, and whatever it is that resets our empty tank.  You are worth taking the time out for you, and everyone around you will appreciate that too.