7 Inventions That Changed the World in the Last 20 Years




We’ve made many technological strides in the past 20 years. From the iPhone to Segways, these are the major inventions that changed the world.


Ever since Marty McFly took his first ride in the DeLorean, our eyes were open to all the cool possibilities of the future. From flying cars to video conferencing, who could have imagined being here today?

In the last 20 years alone, we’ve made many technological strides. From the iPhone to Segways, these are the major inventions that changed the world.

1. The Internet

You can’t talk about famous innovations without mentioning the internet.

2. Portable GPS

Gone are the days of pulling out a map to find out how to reach your next destination. Global positioning systems (GPS) were originally created for the United States military, but by the 1990s, civilians had them in their hands. As a result, people can now enter an address in their car GPS or smartphone and get wherever they want to go.

3. Segway

Scooters became a thing of the past when Segways entered the scene. A Segway is a machine that has two wheels. The user operates it by slightly leaning forward or backward.

This cool invention helps people get around cities and towns with ease. Imagine going on a vacation and touring a new place on a Segway tour.

4. Digital Cameras

Thanks to the invention of digital cameras, people no longer have to wait days to view their pictures. No more capturing precious memories only to get them developed and notice that the images are blurry. From the early digital cameras in the 1990s to the smartphone cameras, we can see instant images in the blink of an eye.

5. Apple iPhone

Apple is always on board with the latest technological inventions. The iPhone is one of the most popular communication inventions. With this smartphone, people have the internet at their fingertips. Steve Jobs created this amazing gadget with capabilities that include email, video messaging, and GPS.

6. Netflix

When it comes to technology that changed the world, Netflix is on the list. Netflix first started in 1997 as a mail-order movie service. In 2007, they began a streaming service allowing people to view movies and television shows from the comfort of their home.

7. Self Driving Cars

Remember how cool it was to see the flying DeLorean on the big screen? The world may not be there, but self-driving cars are making their debut. These vehicles are designed to sense their environment and move around safely.

While these “robo-cars” are still undergoing testing, they could very well be the future of transportation.

The Coolest Inventions that Changed the World

In the last 20 years, we’ve seen many inventions that changed the world and how we live. Inventors are constantly creating and designing incredible advancements to make life easier and more exciting.

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