6 Signs That You Need To Get Your Home Wiring Checked



Various problems can occur with your home’s wiring and various telltale signs that can alert you to a potential issue. Problems with your home’s wiring and electrics can have a range of consequences. Whilst some of these are relatively minor, such as burnt out fuses, other consequences can be extremely serious like electric shocks and even electrical fires. Whilst there are some things around your home that you can fix yourself, working on your electrics and wiring is certainly not something that should be attempted without proper training and experience. To help avoid a major problem, here are 6 signs that you need to get your home wiring checked.

Circuit Breakers that Trip Often

There are many reasons why your circuit breakers may be regularly tripping and that requires your wires to be checked. It could be a faulty breaker due to age. If this is the case, you will find a lot of corrosion and burning in the back where the wires are. Alternatively, your circuit breakers could be tripping because of a compressor over-amping, especially if it’s on a circuit for your AC. As the compressor gets older, it struggles and over-amps the breaker, causing it to trip. A professional electrical service will be able to identify the reason why the circuit breakers are tripping and will be able to take the necessary steps to resolve the issue.

Regular Power Outages and Surges

Power surges can be caused by various factors, but whatever the underlying causes, they can cause significant damage to your electronic devices. Power surges can come from an external source like a tree falling on a power line or because of internal reasons like an overworking fan in a refrigerator or air conditioning unit. This causes small regular surges that build up over time and burn out your electronics. If you are experiencing regular power outages and surges, make sure that you get a professional electrician to check your wiring and electrics and install any surge protectors where necessary. Look for high-performance underground TRS locator rentals to quickly locate wires and electrical short circuits. Achieve excellent speed, dependability, accuracy, and ease of use with these tools.

Electrical Panel Issues

Various problems can occur with your electrical panel, which can have serious consequences for your home electrics. Messing around with your electrical panel without the requisite knowledge and training can be extremely dangerous. As stated in the blog post Electrical Panel Services, if your electrical panel is showing the signs of having a problem such as melted plastic, a licensed electrician can identify the cause of the issue and make sure that it is taken care of. They will be able to ascertain if you need maintenance or just an upgrade of your current system. Some DIY jobs are suitable to do yourself, but electrical panel repairs or replacements are not to be taken lightly so if you are having issues, seek professional assistance.

Excessive Heat from Appliances and Electronics

You must get your wiring checked if you notice that your appliances and electronics are constantly overheating. There are various reasons why your appliances might be overheating, including too much current, bad wiring connections, and worn insulation. All of these issues can have serious consequences for your electronics and can even cause an electrical fire. If your electricals are overheating due to too much current then you will need to check your circuit breakers and fuses because these are designed to prevent excess current. Poor wiring connections create too much wattage over time, which, when it builds up can cause a fire to start. Similarly, worn insulation can cause sparks which can also lead to an electrical fire. If any of your electrical is getting hot, make sure you call in professional electricians to check for these things to keep your home and your family safe. 

Sparks or Shocks When Using Outlets

Whilst a little bit of sparking may happen on occasion if you see regular or excessive sparking it is advisable to call in a qualified electrician. The first reason that an outlet might be sparking is if too much heat has built up in your outlets, it can melt the wiring insulation. When this happens, the wires are exposed and sparks jump between them. If the sparks jump to a dangerous spot they cause a short circuit. This is dangerous because it can shock you, and can also cause electrical fires. Another possible reason for sparking is if there is water in the outlet. This also enables the electrons to jump from place to place which can likewise result in a short circuit. To stop this from causing a fire, a professional electrician can install GCFI which will shut the circuit down when it short circuits. As with electrical panels, the issues can sometimes be caused by outdated equipment so your electrician may simply need to replace the outlets in your home with up to date models. 

The Smell of Burning

A burning smell is never a good sign and it is a sign that requires an electrician to come and check. There’s a range of problems that can cause the burning smell, including exposed wires, poorly installed or damaged wiring, overloaded circuits, or something stuck in your outlets that shouldn’t be there. A burning smell can be a symptom of any of the issues laid out in this article and it is so important that you don’t just ignore it or assume that it will go away on its own. Electrical fires are so dangerous and can start in a flash and so if you smell any burning at all, you must take immediate action. 


Electrical and wiring issues can have serious consequences, so you must take immediate action if you notice any of the signs that are laid out in this article. Electric shocks and electrical fires can both result from old and faulty wiring so it is very important to address any problems as soon as possible. You cannot afford to take any risks when it comes to your electrics as you can put your home and your family in real jeopardy. If you think there may be something faulty, contact an electrical professional immediately.