7 AirPods Tricks You Need to Try

 There are many things that your AirPods can do that you might not know. This guide lists 7 AirPods tricks you need to try.


In 2019, it was estimated that Apple would sell more than 50 million AirPods in just that year alone.

This proves that the popular but small product, which many critics were calling useless at first due to its size, is one of its biggest sellers. In fact, Apple corners the market selling 60% of all wireless earphone profits.

Packed in these little wonders of technology are tons of AirPods tricks that can help you make the most out of your earphones. After all, they’re not cheap, so you should make the most of them.

1. Connecting to Any BlueTooth Device

While Apple AirPods will connect effortlessly to your phone, did you know that you can connect them to your computer or any other BlueTooth device? This includes things like stereos, gym equipment or more. All you have to do is turn them on and let the BlueTooth device find this.

However, it is sometimes a bit tricky at the beginning if you find your AirPods not connecting to Mac, but there are many tutorials online to help you. Sometimes, it works if you turn off your BlueTooth to the last device they were connected with and then try again.

2. Use Them to Control Your Music

Many people exercise while connected to their AirPods, which is fantastic since they provide freedom of movement without worrying about being tangled in wires.

While most people listen to music while they exercise, you can use your AirPods to control the tracks. Tap them to skip the song and go to the next one, or to pause your music.

With the newest generation of AirPods, you can also customize your double-tap setting to ensure that you make the most of your earbuds.

3. Talk to Siri

You don’t need to look down at your phone to call Siri anymore. You can just ask her to do whatever is you need her to do by saying “Hey Siri.” She’s able to “hear” you through the microphone in the earbuds.

You can ask Siri to call someone, to change the song you’re listening to, to find out what time it is, amongst a range of features.

4. Use Them with Non-Apple Devices

When we said you could use the AirPods with any device that has BlueTooth, we actually mean it. You can connect your AirPods to a computer that isn’t a Mac, a tablet that isn’t a Mac or a phone that isn’t a Mac. As long as the device has a BlueTooth setting, you can connect.

5. Read Text Messages to You

Don’t want to look down and hear what your husband wants for dinner? Then use Siri to serve as your virtual assistant. If you want her to read your texts, just ask, and you can hear it dictated to you.

You can also program the AirPods to announce things like events you’ve created in your phone to keep yourself on task. Sometimes, when you’re listening to music, it is easy to go off into another world. But with Siri’s integration to your AirPods, you’ll stay grounded.

6. Find Your AirPods

One of the biggest critiques of the AirPods is that they’re extremely small. This means that you can lose them quite easily. Due to their size, they have a tendency to fall out of your ears, especially if you have longer hair and they get caught in it.

Luckily there is a feature that allows you to find your AirPods, but you can only do it if your AirPods are connected to the Find My iPhone feature. Using this, you can locate exactly where your AirPods are, even if they’re miles away.

However, you may need to be connected to the internet in order to allow this to work.

7. Pair Two AirPods Together

Have you ever wanted to show something to a friend, but you had to be quiet and your only option was to listen through AirPods? Well, Apple has a solution for you. You can pair another pair of AirPods with your iPhone or iPad, allowing two people to listen to a podcast or a watch a film or YouTube video simultaneously.

This is revolutionary, and one of the first of its kind features. Now, you and a friend can share moments without having to distract others.

This feature also enables two people to be on a phone call at once, which is incredibly helpful in a variety of ways. It’s fantastic for the office and allows two people to listen in on, and be active on a phone call. While using the speaker is always an option to allow multiple people to speak and listen at once, it can be difficult to hear for more than one person at times. This feature gives both parties a person speaker and their own audio so that they can listen.

AirPods Tricks and Tips: Final Thoughts

As you can see, our AirPods tricks help you do more with your AirPods than simply listen to music or make phone calls. They’re multi-functional and multi-faceted tools that make your work life, and personal life even better.

Apple AirPods help make cords a thing of the past, freeing you up to exercise, walk, or do just another anything without having to worry about getting tangled up.

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