6 Tips To Make Your Fresh Cut Flowers Last Longer


Flowers will always be a favorite and the ideal gift for various occasions and moments in between. Depending on the bouquet you have in mind, a vibrant bloom can put a smile on anyone’s face and leave a lasting impression on any space. Whether you receive a lovely anniversary bouquet or have freshly picked flowers from your garden, you want to enjoy the beauty they provide for as long as possible.

Sadly, bouquets won’t last for a long time. Luckily, there are a few tricks that’ll help you lengthen the lifespan and beauty of your flowers. Here are several valuable tips to ensure your fresh-cut flowers last longer.

Trim The Stems

Once you receive a flower bouquet as a gift or have a few freshly cut straight from your garden, make sure to trim the stems before placing them in water.

The flowers you’ll get from a professional florist already have trimmed stems that can last for a few days. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to cut the stems after a few days. The reason for shortening the stems is to allow full penetration of freshwater. Additionally, it’s best to replace the water after a few days. If you want to add a touch of nature to your home, checking out providers of fresh flower delivery in NYC and others is the best way to find flowers for your home to add an aesthetic element.

Cut an inch from the base of every stem at a 45-degree angle using a pair of shears or scissors. The angle allows the stem to soak up more water and prevent them from getting squished.

Remove Extra Leaves

Before arranging your flowers in a container or vase, make sure to remove any extra leaves near the base of the stem that might reach the water level. Getting rid of the excess foliage will limit the number of bacteria in the water, keeping the water clean longer without any undesirable odor. Additionally, it allows the flowers to focus on the blooms so that they’ll last longer.

Select The Appropriate Container

Using a suitable container or vase is one of the critical factors that can lengthen the lifespan of your flower bouquet. When the opening is too small or narrow, it’ll likely squish or cramp the stems. You can get rid of some of the stems for a smaller bundle or look for a slightly bigger container.

If the opening of your container or vase is too large, your flowers will lack form. With this in mind, choosing a container that has the right size is essential.

If the flowers are still closed, and you’re eager for them to open, fill the container with warm water. The warm temperature will promote the opening of the blooms. Don’t forget to change to cold water every time you replace it to prolong the lifespan of the flowers.

Replace The Water

When you provide your cut flowers with freshwater, they’re going to last longer. It’s best to replace the water every two days. Take the flowers out of the container and add fresh water.

Don’t forget to thoroughly rinse the vase with warm water to eliminate any residue or debris and replace up to two-thirds of freshwater. When your bouquet from a florist includes a packet of plant or flower food, apply it to keep the flowers last longer.

A helpful tip to extend the beauty of your flowers is to store them in the refrigerator, but it depends if your bundle can fit. The trick works well during the summer when your flowers undergo exposure to warm air throughout the day.

Position Your Flowers In The Right Spot

The location of your cut flowers will also play a role in lengthening their lifespan. It’s best to place your flowers in a cool, shaded area that gets indirect sunlight. Remember that colder temperatures will help in preserving your flowers.

Avoid placing your cut flowers close to appliances that produce high or low temperatures, such as the air conditioner, stove, computer, ceiling fans, or TV. If you open the windows in the room where you’ll place your flowers, it promotes faster dehydration which causes them to wilt early. Additionally, keep your flowers away from fresh fruits since they generate minimal amounts of gas that can shorten the lifespan of your blooms.

Eliminate Wilting Flowers

Some of the flowers will start to discolor and turn dark over time. If you see this happen, you should remove blooms that are wilting or dying since mold is likely to grow and contaminate the healthy ones.


If you love to have freshly-cut flowers around in your home or received a vibrant bouquet for a special event, you’ll want to keep the lovely blooms for as long as possible. With the help of these tips in keeping your flowers last longer, you’ll enjoy a bundle of lively colors that’ll keep any space in your home appealing.