6 Common Struggles Couples Need To Overcome For A Relationship To Last


Relationships are going to take work if they are going to work long term. Couples that constantly fight about the same things will start to resent the other partner for not being able to get over or help solve these problems. While it is true that some couples feed off of the drama of their partner, this is never a healthy basis for a relationship. Couples that last a lifetime work on issues so that they do not arise consistently or ever again. Taking a proactive approach at working on a relationship can go a long way as it can help prevent problems from growing into potentially damaging fights. The following are common struggles that many couples need to overcome for a relationship to last and a few tips on how to do so.


Jealous can start early in a relationship and fester for years into the future. Basing a relationship on honesty is important as jealous feelings arise when a partner has been caught in a lie about where they have been. For those people that think they can get away with cheating long term in today’s world of social media and tech, they are wrong. Working on jealousy issues means a couple has to set boundaries of what they consider inappropriate contact with another person. This will vary from couple to couple but under no circumstances compromise a long-term friendship simply because your partner is jealous of your relationship.

Fighting About Money

An aspect that is cited in many divorces is that of financial struggles which can come from a variety of reasons. Bad luck can certainly be one of these as large medical bills due to an accident can cripple a couple financially for months or even years. The mismanagement of money by one or both parties can lead to stress that can ultimately break up a relationship. Examining spending habits has to be done as it is possible that a couple is living a quality of life that they cannot afford. Keeping finances separate when both parties work full-time is something that can reduce fighting immensely. This can hold a couple accountable for their spending whereas a combined account allows for finger pointing.

Dislike Of Your Significant Other’s Family

Family is important to a majority of people so most people care about what their family thinks of their significant other. There are some that care more than others while a select few could care less what their family thinks about the person they are romantically involved with. Put effort into trying to bond with a significant other’s family even if they are rude or cold to you. Your partner will see that you have tried and will appreciate it. Life is far easier when you get along with your partner’s family especially during important events like holidays.

Involved In A Traumatic Event

Couples at times are involved in traumatic events like that of a car accident that results in serious injury. This can make or break a couple as it is will be a time where both parties are struggling and will need support from the other. Click here if you or your significant other has been hurt in a car accident as you could be entitled to compensation to help financially while you recover. Getting counseling can be a huge help if you do it as a couple as well as individually as issues like PTSD could arise.

Allocation Of Time

Couples need to dedicate time to themselves alone where they can bond and relax. Always being on the go or with a group can be taxing on a couple. If both parties want to spend time with their friends this should be ok as long as they get time together. The usual problem occurs when one person in the relationship wants to spend far more time with friends or out partying than with their significant other.  Communication is key in this situation as setting aside nights or days can be essential in growing in a couple’s relationship. With all of the calendar tools is can become far easier to figure out when to grab lunch during the week during work or a nice picnic at a local park.

Alcohol Related Issues

There are couples that get along great while they are sober that are the worst couple in the world when they consume alcohol. This usually is a larger issue when people are younger but even older couple fight after a few drinks. If you and your partner simply cannot drink together it is important to identify this. To continue drinking is to ensure that there will be more alcohol related fights which can hurt a relationship over time.

Relationships can be hard work but having a person you can rely on and truly love is worth the work. Take time to assess where you can start being a better partner starting today!

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