6 Awesome Benefits of Twitter You Should Know

 There are several different benefits of Twitter. You can learn more about these advantages by checking out our guide right here.


According to Twitter’s Q3 2019 report to shareholders, there are 145 million daily active users.

These are users who see the ads, and, as such, the possibilities for your business are endless. However, just because a potential customer base exists does not guarantee you’ll benefit from it. You need to learn how to work on the platform.

Here’s a look at six vital benefits of Twitter that can inspire your business to double down on leveraging the social media platform.

1. 24/7 Customer Service

Many people gravitate to Twitter due to its immediacy as a source of information and feedback. Over time, this has morphed into users contacting brands to resolve an issue or have a query answered.

Your business needs to respond to such feedback because other customers and users are silently watching. As many firms have come to learn, ignoring a Twitter complaint is usually a recipe for potentially far-reaching reactions.

Whoever handles your business’ Twitter account will need to master the art of resounding gracefully to criticism, especially with trolls. Not only will how you respond influence if the customer stays or defects, but it also shapes your brand perception – and the internet ever forgets.

2. Generate Traffic to Your Site and Local Store

Another exciting way users interact with Twitter is to learn more about local businesses, especially if they plant to make a purchase. Your business can benefit from this user behavior in a big way.

First off, Twitter users are a source of online traffic you can direct to your website. The beauty of this is if you develop an excellent Twitter strategy, you will be getting leads you don’t have to pay for.

In addition, these Twitter users you attract to your website can decide to visit your local store if you have one. In that sense, Twitter can help your business connect the online and offline components of your business for a more enhanced sales cycle.

The secret to generating traffic for your website and physical store using Twitter – and really any social media channel – is to remain consistent. It’s the regular engagement day in, day out that builds credibility you can then convert.

3. Brand Building

In an increasingly digital world, Twitter gives you the chops to build your brand in a meaningful manner. Customers can abandon a product, but once they connect with a brand, it’s hard for them to walk away.

As you interact with users on Twitter, you can subtly and overtly shape your image.

For example, Wendy’s has used Twitter to shed off the large corporate image and breathe life into its brand. Using witty and comical content, the brand has been able to shape the ‘fun and hip’ narrative, especially among millennials and generation X users, igniting recent growth.

You can even take the unorthodox route of using eyebrow-raising digital content to spark conversations. That’s what initiated the early Twitter users learning how to download Twitter videos to share it with their close circles for the buzz.

As long as you align your Twitter interactions with your overarching brand building strategy and remain consistent, you’ll begin to see the tide shift.

4. Keeping up With Your Industry

As a social media platform, Twitter isn’t only for outbound content. If you pay attention, you can learn a lot as well. Through studying the marketing content your competitors put out, you can gain new insights for your industry.

Running a search on your industry’s issues will help you uncover global and local trends that impact your decision-making. You can also keep a low profile view of your competitors to be up-to-date on their activity even as you work to go on the offensive instead of always reacting.

Through this relatively direct view of their external actions, you can quickly pick up what competitors are doing better and capitalize on it. Such exposure was merely a dream less than three decades ago.

5. Social Listening

Technology can both be a plus or a minus for your business. As a positive, you have social media tools that put you in front of clients. On the negative side of it, the high visibility you have into your audience means you are more prone to making mistakes publicly and missing out on critical cues.

Social listening is where you track your brand’s direct mentions, discussions, and feedback by social media users. Unlike social monitoring, social listening is a two-stage process where you monitor then analyze to gain insights you can act on.

When you make social listening in Twitter a critical part of your business, you make your customers feel heard. In a climate where 83% of users love it when a brand responds to their questions, you gain a reputation for being more conversational.

At the heart of it, such a reputation will resonate with users as they feel respected and validated by your brand. You, therefore, end up building more brand loyalty.

Beware of falling into the trap that is responding to every user without context and skill. People don’t want to hear yet another cookie-cutter public relations statement. They desire to hear crafty, humorous, inspirational, yet relevant stuff from your brand.

Social listening on Twitter is also critical because when you put your ear to the ground, you learn what your customers think of your brand. Do they love it? Do they hate it? Worse still, do they not care either way?

If you pay attention closely, you can learn to identify the needs you’ve successfully met. Of higher value, though, is uncovering needs you haven’t met yet or new needs that your customer base develops, which you can capitalize on.

6. Build More Authority

As you continue sharing custom, high-value content, your followers will retweet, share, and click through to learn more. That’s excellent for your search engine optimization as it indicates to search engines that more people find you valuable. Consequently, your authority grows, lifting your ranking.

But it’s not only your SEO authority that benefits. The more your Twitter user base engages with you as a business, the more of a thought leader you become. Before you know it, you’re the voice users need to go to when determining decisions related to what you specialize in.

That only serves to solidify your reputation, which will reflect in your top and bottom lines.

Are You Ready to Tap Into the Benefits of Twitter?

As part of social media, Twitter is here to stay. Thus, you need to learn the benefits of Twitter marketing for your business to determine what strategy can best work for your business when marketing on the platform.

Twitter marketing is just one of the several digital marketing initiatives your business can take to thrive using technology. Check out the rest of our tech articles for tips and insights on how technology can help grow your business.


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