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As environmental awareness is a major topic of conversation in the world today, every industry is looking at ways to become associated with environmental issues. Fashion, especially fast fashion, with its constant need for new materials and the creation of new trends, is unsurprisingly one of the first to be blamed for problems with the environment and depleting resources. Yet, there are some important brands in the fashion industry that are doing their part by approaching the creation process in a way that respects the environment and the world that we live in. These brands’ designers know exactly what to do to create innately co-minded pieces while further tackling waste, climate change, and labor abuse as they relate to the fashion industry.

This article is a guide to the top fashion brands with a sustainable approach.

/id/ – Sustainable Fashion that Adorns the Body of the Wearer

We couldn’t make a sustainable brand list without mentioning /id/. This brand aspires towards a holistic, sustainable approach and since they started out, they have been upcycling pre-used fabrics into timeless pieces. With an emphasis or minimizing the ecological impact of their manufacturing, their designs are recognized as daring feminine silhouettes with accents of sophisticated and bold details that are made by local manufacturers who are paid fairly. However, /id/’s explicit manifesto doesn’t take away its responsibility as a sustainable fashion brand; in fact, they both equally complement one another’s values. /id/’s timeless pieces are the result of their mindfulness and passionate interflavour:

Feelgoodz – Artisan Comfort Flip Flops

Imagine having cruelty-free flip flops that mold to the bottom of your feet. That’s what Feelgoodz – just like the name of them – have to offer as they make all of their products from eco-friendly materials such as vegan leather, non-toxic dye, and 5L natural rubber. Inspired by trips and those you meet along the way, Feelgoodz’s flip flops give your feet the artisan comfort of its lifetime while still being kind to the environment. The experts at explain that eco-friendly flip-flops need to focus on the material above all else, and Feelgoodz certainly does that. Flip flops were once thought to be impossible to produce without harming the environment, but Feelgoodz has altered this perception.


BLANLAC – Effortlessly Stylish with Respect for People, Animals and the Planet

BLANLAC is a modern luxury label that finds its origins in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Their signature designs capture the beautiful gardens of Northern Italy and portray an opulent aristocratic heritage, powered by innovative and sustainable resources. Absolutely no animal products are used whatsoever in the manufacturing of any of BLANLAC’s shoes. Their heels are known for their exceptional quality and metamorphosing versatility. Artisan made, eco-conscious, and animal-free, BLANLAC put themselves at the pinnacle of luxurious footwear, yet still evoke insolent femininity.

GUNAS New York – There’s no Bag that’s Fashionable with the Killing of Animals

With styles ranging from totes, satchels, cross-body bags, wallets, and backpacks, GUNAS envision a “victim free” fashion world with 100% vegan bags that have been manufactured ethically. GUNAS’s superb creations go with every mood, need, and style while offering peace, love, and kindness in a complicated world. Their loud-and-clear message will probably see them named them as the winner of this year’s MACY’s ‘Best Retail Handbag’ Award. As the brand focuses on nurturing the environment, customers are flocking to get hold of their beautiful vegan bags featuring a natural silky shine.

Green Stitch – Sustainably Chic, Sustainably Edgy

Green Stitch is the meeting point of the love for nature, beautiful fabrics, and contemporary streetwear as the elevate eco-conscious fashion by combining cutting-edge style with sustainable materials. The brand has revived the unique essence of hand dying and natural fabrics aiming to put edgy styles back into fashion. Green Stitch promotes the ultimate “feel good, do good” goal to every woman while still accentuating femininity and strength. Their pieces put out a bigger message: “Sustainable materials are the new generation of luxurious fabrics.”

Anemone Swim – Kate Moss’ Memories Relived in a Sustainable Way

With the love of ‘90s fashion and an appreciation of the iconic Kate Moss, Lauren Arapage and Joshua Shaub have come up with Anemone Swim. The minimalist and playful swimwear of Anemone Swim is beautifully hand-made from eco-conscious processes and exceptional care for the Earth. With the experience of their founders, Anemone ‘90s style bikinis incorporate clean lines and seamless design blending with eco-consciousness inspiration.

Mainstream fashion still has a lot to learn in terms of being sustainable and environmentally conscious, however, it’s always good to see some leading lights. The world of sustainable fashion is a lot more than just using organic dyes, fabrics, and textiles, and there is of course more space for brands and designers to change fashion for good. In the meantime, we can all do our part by choosing brands and designers that are trying to be more environmentally aware.

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