5 Reasons You Should Switch to a Boiler


Residential heating systems are run by either a boiler or a furnace. Boilers work by heating water and distributing the steam or hot water across pipes to the radiators, which then heat your home. Furnaces heat air and use a blower to distribute the hot air via vents running through the house.

Most newer homes come with a furnace installed, but is it the right heating system for you? People don’t usually bother with their heating systems besides annual maintenance and a few repairs here and there. But not fully understanding the capabilities of different heating systems means that you may be unknowingly missing out on features that could save you money and improve your quality of life. How do you know if you should make the switch from a furnace to a boiler? What are the consequences of not knowing how to bleed a heating system regularly or when it is required? Well, here’s a list that may help you decide.

  1. Increased energy efficiency

Heating with air is less efficient than water, which means that boilers use less energy to do the same job a furnace does. This potentially means more money saved on fuel or electricity bills.

  1. Better air quality

Furnaces blow hot air throughout your house, and if you don’t clean the vents and filters regularly, it could mean allergens and dust are being introduced to your rooms. Furnaces also dry out the air, which could lead to a sore throat or coughing.

  1. Less maintenance

If you don’t have the time or skill to do the maintenance yourself, hiring a professional to handle it costs money. So it would be more suitable for those on a budget to invest in a heating system that is as low-maintenance as possible. Boilers do not require as much cleaning as furnaces and only need annual or semi-annual maintenance to prevent issues like gas or water leaks, soot build-up, and decreased efficiency. As mentioned previously, furnaces, vents, and filters require regular cleaning, or else dust and allergens could accumulate, which leads to poor air quality in the house.

  1. Quieter operation

Furnaces use a fan to push hot air through the vents, and these fans are often noisy. Even if you keep the furnace itself in a soundproof room, you can still hear the fan through the vents. For those particularly sensitive to noise, this may be distracting. Boilers aren’t completely silent during operation, but they’re nowhere near as loud as furnaces.

  1. More consistent heating

Air heating isn’t as consistent as steam or water, which results in some rooms being hotter or colder than others.

Understanding the differences between heating systems can help you identify if the one you’re using is suitable for your budget and needs. While furnaces are generally cheaper, it may not be worth the increased operational costs. People with respiratory issues should also reconsider owning a furnace due to concerns about air quality. If you don’t know where to get a good quality boiler Lancashire companies offer a broad product range and reliable installation services.