5 Home Improvements Which Don’t Require DIY

Are you a walking DIY disaster? You are neither alone nor required to change your ways with these tips to avoid DIY yet still upgrade your quality of home life.

When it comes to upgrading your home life, not every space improves under the influence of DIY. If you seek to do as little do it yourself as possible, then you will be glad of this article. Not all homes need woodworking upgrades or added storage space. Modern houses are built fine exactly as they are. If your home is one just like this, then turn to these pages and enjoy these 5 home improvements with not a hammer in sight.

The 5 Home Improvements You Don’t Need a Toolbox For

So before you rush off to the nearest hardware store to pick up a whole new set of tools you will never need: try these simple tips to upgrade your quality of living overnight.

1 – Check your Furniture

The more you match your furniture with minimalist décor, the easier your life will be. Even the worst home decorators among us can choose a couch color that matches the most prominent color in the room. For example, purple, green, or blue ready to ship sofas fit right into the space. They can be the feature, of picking out the color of the carpet, cushions, or curtains. All of a sudden, your most eclectic room will come together.

2 – Think Soft Furnishings

A room lined with a single color of indoor drapes becomes opulent compared to a room painted with a single color. Draping fabrics can create illusions, shapes, and textures, add color, or just frame the windows using a softer material than cold stone. Choose your colors wisely. Match your new sofa to the feature walls of your house or create the illusion of a four-poster bed using drapery, lights, and maybe a new headboard.

3 – The Room Addition or Extension

If you have the money, adding a room to the house is a lot of paperwork on your part. Fortunately, all you have to lift is a pen. Hire a project manager and let them steer it through from start to finish. It’s simple enough to allow them to find the team, build the house, and leave you to take care of the décor. And the paperwork. You may need planning permission, or you may find upgrades you can hire people to carry out on your house which you don’t need planning permission for. Unfortunately, this path only works if you have extra cash to splash.

4 – Get Organized

If you’d like to make a massive impact without using a screwdriver, storage is the answer. Whether you add a chest of drawers or a stackable set of tubs: organization improves your space better than decorating does. That old saying that a change is as good as a holiday has its roots in truth.

5 – Carpet Cleaning

Carpets and rugs pick up bacteria over time. As well as picking up dirt and germs, your carpet harbors allergens and dust mites. Added to that is the impact that grubby dirt has on the color of your carpet, and you start to see a whole host of problems created by having a dirty carpet. Clean it up and watch the room shift.

After the Home Upgrades

Now that you have your home space improved and your quality of life reassessed, it’s time to sort out those family finances. You might not be good with tools, but you can at least prepare your taxes in advance.

Photo by Terje Sollie