5 Brilliant Ways to Declutter Your Home



While decluttering is a time-consuming and overwhelming task, it is crucial for your mental, financial, and social well-being. Decluttering your home can help you save money, reduce stress, prevent asthma and allergies, and create a clean and neat space to entertain guests. If you are struggling to declutter your home, here are five strategies to help you get started.

Have a plan

Be sure to develop realistic goals and timelines before beginning the decluttering process. This will reduce frustrations and roadblocks regardless of the amount of clutter in your home. Draw a house map, then identify critical areas you should declutter. You should then allocate decluttering time based on the severity of the mess in each area. Ascertain that the allotted time is realistic, achievable, and suits your daily schedule. Finally, set an attainable completion date.

Develop a sorting system

Developing a sorting system is an effective way to take the pressure off and deal with items you no longer want to keep. You could establish your own system or use the four-box method. The four-container process requires you to take four boxes, bags, or baskets and label them: keep, donate, trash, or relocate. You should then move to each room in your house and place items in the respective boxes.

Do not overlook anything, no matter how insignificant you think it is. While this may take up a lot of time, it will enable you to determine the items you own and what to do with them. Once the boxes are full, you should follow the instructions on the labels. Contact Christian Army to donate appliances and furniture you no longer need.

Ask for help

Asking your close family members and friends for help will speed up the decluttering process. Your friends do not have an attachment to your items like you do, so they can help you let go of things you do not need. Your friend can go through your house and point out items you should donate or throw away. If you are hesitant to let go of an item, your friend has to be convinced by your reason for keeping it.

Play photographer

Are you looking for motivation to start the home decluttering process? Consider taking a “before” picture of a section of your home, then clean up the space. Next, take an “after” shot. This will give you visual proof of how attractive your home could be without the clutter, motivating you to start and complete the decluttering venture.

Set up a permanent donation box

Once you are done with the home decluttering process, you should strive to keep it clutter-free. Consider establishing a permanent donation container: box, basket, laundry hamper, bag, or whatever you and your loved ones find suitable to keep new piles and clutter from forming in the house.

You could be dropping items you no longer use or need in the container, and once it is full, you can take it to the nearest donation center. However, do not go through the donation box to avoid second-guessing yourself; otherwise, you could end up taking the clutter back into your home.


Regardless of how neat you are, clutter will often find its way and pile up in your home. Implement the above strategies to declutter your home and give it a breath of fresh air.


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