5 Areas of Planning for Solo Travelers


If you’ve been looking at your friend’s social media feed and have been silently jealous of the recent romantic trip that was taken to Italy, don’t bemoan your single status as a limitation to traveling the world A lot of people fear the thought of traveling alone, but with the right precautions and some planning, you can still enjoy cultures around the world without a partner.  By traveling on your own, you have the freedom to enjoy the trip as you see fit. You can rest or get adventurous without the pressure or limitations of a partner. If you want to start exploring your travel options while going solo, here are the top five ways to have a safe and affordable international experience.

Affordable Transportation

While airfare rates don’t depend on how many tickets are being booked, rates tend to be cheaper when booked during the off-season and throughout weekdays. Some advocate for booking earlier while others think that last-minute tickets are cheaper. It depends on the airline, and keeping an eye on tickets for several months before you intend to fly can give you an idea of rates. Packing wisely can help you save on extra luggage costs, and checking with any entry regulations can help you clear customs more quickly on both entry and exit. Once you get to your destination, taking a bus can help reduce the cost of traveling over taking a taxi. It also allows you to meet the locals and enjoy life through their eyes.

Physical Safety

The number one concern of people traveling overseas, whether single or with another person, is often safety. When going out on your own, this is definitely the first thing you should address. Keep a watch on your surroundings and avoid going in unlit places after dark. Stay sober when in public, and don’t’ reference staying alone. Always mention meeting a friend if someone questions your plans. Don’t wear flashy jewelry and walk with purpose. These are subtle things that can help avoid making you look like an easy target.

Financial Savvy

Many tend to worry about being robbed, yet through the websites like sharemoney.com, you are able to send money to yourself without carrying wads of cash around. With this service, you can send money abroad to dozens of countries around the world, with many having both delivery and pick-up locations available. Not only does this help keep you from becoming a financial target, but you can also get the best exchange rates for your money.

Cost-efficient Lodging

If you want to experience life within the culture, you might want to pass on the swanky hotels and choose an Airbnb or hostel for your lodgings. These are affordable and allow you to meet new people of all ages and backgrounds. International hotels are also clean and cost-efficient options that can let you see the world while traveling alone. If you do your research and check out reviews on the websites or social networking sites, you won’t be surprised where you end up hanging your hat for a few days.

Cultural Experiences

There are ways to explore the culture around without feeling vulnerable or exposing yourself to scams. Exploring museums in the afternoon can sometimes come with reduced rates, and dining for brunch or for an early dinner at local eateries can also help you save money. Saving money in these areas allows you to explore additional places, giving you more experience to go home and tell your friends about. Sitting at the bar in a restaurant or taking your cup of coffee on the sidewalk gives a deeper immersion into the culture and lets you meet more people. There are some companies that organize tours or excursions specifically as singles-mixers or for those who are traveling solos, and this can be a way to see the sights while also making new friends.

Traveling alone doesn’t need to limit your international experiences. You can follow these five areas to plan a vacation you can both afford and enjoy even though you are on your own.

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