4 Signs That Your Body Needs More Water

You’ve heard it again and again–drink more water. For some, drinking the required amount of water is easy. For others, it feels like a massive undertaking in their already busy lives. For the latter, they’re cheating their body out of what it needs most. When your body starts to rebel, you’ll begin to see symptoms. Here are four signs your body is telling you that you need more water.

Dry Eyes and Skin

If your eyes are feeling dry, or maybe your contact lenses seem sticky, not drinking enough water could be the reason. Before you spend money on expensive prescription eye drops or other treatments, try drinking more water. The same applies to your skin which may become dry and flaky. Lotion and body cream are just a temporary solution when the problem is really dehydration. Getting enough water will help your eyes to feel more comfortable and give you back your soft skin.

Bathroom Problems

Not getting your daily amount of hydration can eventually cause problems in the bathroom. If you’re experiencing decreased urine output, or it looks dark in color, this could be the first sign of needing more water. Constipation is another uncomfortable side effect. If this happens, try to avoid laxatives and instead know where to buy enema kits. This natural and stimulant-free solution will help alleviate the problem and you can start upping your water intake.

Stomach and Muscle Cramps

If there’s one thing that muscles love, it’s plenty of water. If you’re not drinking enough, they can seize, or cramp up. This also applies to your stomach and you may even experience spasms. This is a little known symptom of dehydration, but if you have the other side effects, it may be that you’re simply not drinking enough water each day.

Not Sweating

It’s a healthy function of the body to sweat. If you realize that you’re not sweating when you work out, or on a hot day, you probably aren’t taking in enough fluids. This can put you at risk for heatstroke or exhaustion. Get indoors as soon as you can and start replenishing your body with water.

Serious Health Problems

Not drinking enough water each day can create serious health issues and discomfort. Planning to carry water with you as you go about your day can help you avoid a lot of problems. The reward you’ll get is a healthier body and feeling much better.

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