4 Legal Items You Need If You Want To Grow Cannabis


If you are like many people, the fact that you are reading this means that you’ve probably considered growing the holy herb in your home, rooftop, balcony, or even your garden. Many people grow cannabis comfortably in their places of work depending on the laws of the land. But then again, marijuana is not the everyday plant that you just put in a pot and place it on the window like aloe Vera or the English plant. You need to ensure you are not breaking the law while doing so.

Furthermore, growing it as an aesthetic addition in your home may be considered different from growing it as a commercial plant in your lawn or a garden. Again, all of this may depend on the laws of the land. This is especially the case in the modern-day and age where the use of marijuana is legalized in many places for medicinal use. In some countries around the globe, driving under the influence of alcohol is a larger offense than being caught in the possession of weed. However, the legalization of medical (and recreational) marijuana has given the debate a whole new turn. But then again, each state and local jurisdiction may have different laws governing the cultivation, possession, sale, and use of cannabis. If you intend to grow marijuana, it is always best to do it by the book.

With this having been said, here are 4 legal items you need if you want to grow cannabis.

1. A Secured Growing Area

Cannabis growing laws vary from one location to the other, but one thing is for sure. The general rule of thumb is that to legally grow cannabis, you will need an enclosed and secure growing space. It should be away from teenagers and minors to prevent them from early exposure that often leads to weed overuse and abuse.

This means growing your herb in an indoor grow room or a DIY greenhouse. If you choose to cultivate your weed in an indoor grow room, you will want to get some grow light information online. This is because the plant needs a consistent supply of light for healthy growth and a bountiful harvest. With the best LED grow lights, you can make the most out of your side activity. The harvest will be more than impressive and you can grow your weed all year round without depending on the seasons.

2. A Growing Cannabis License

To legally grow cannabis, you may also need a growers’ license. To get one, you will have to conduct research and find out which government body or agency is responsible for licensure and control of cannabis growing. Of course, you will need to fulfill several requirements like a clean criminal record before being issued with a license. There are also costs involved in the application process, and you will also need to renew your license periodically, say each year. The costs involved will depend on the laws of the land.

3. Quality Seeds or Clones

Whether you are growing cannabis for recreational use or you want to start cultivating medical-grade marijuana, you will also need quality seeds or seedlings. If you settle for marijuana seeds, you will want to find out which seed bank is reputed around your area. You can also order your seeds from marijuana seed banks abroad, and they are shipped to your location. You can check out Weekend Gardener for more information. Clone shops, on the other hand, have a smaller variety of seeds and seed germination is not always guaranteed. It is not also uncommon to find some clones that will produce male cannabis plants, even though the cultivation process is usually faster. Visit the royal seed bank for the best seed banks you can buy from the most reliable seed bank suppliers

4. General Items for Cultivation

If you decide to grow weed in an indoor grow room, you will need several items to make it work. Apart from seeds and grow lights mentioned above, some of these include the following:

  • Grow tent
  • Containers/pots
  • Grow media such as soil
  • Oscillating and ventilation fans
  • pH meter
  • Nutrient solution

On top of this, you will also need a consistent supply of water. However, always make sure that the mineral content and chlorine levels in the water are not too high as this could affect the performance, growth, and yield of your cannabis.

And that’s just about it. Growing weed in your home or backyard doesn’t have to be a complicated process. You just need to ensure you have the right supplies and that you are doing it legally. Always ensure you have clearance from the authorities before you start cultivating this fine plant regardless of the amount you want to grow.



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