Reasons Why Many People Are Now Going Solar

These days, you just can’t miss them. Drive down any freeway or Metroad, and you’ll see them shining on top of hundreds of houses around you: solar panels. Solar has become more and more popular over the last decade, and for a good reason. Nowadays, it is cost-effective, affordable, and economically friendly, and that’s just the start. Below we have listed a handful of the top reasons why so many people are now going solar for their homes and workplaces.



Installed For You

One of the main leaps forward over recent years has to be just how easy it is to get solar panels installed now. No longer is it a scarily huge and technical operation. You can simply search for solar panel installers in Shoalhaven, for example, and find a great local company with all the expertise to fit your solar panel system to your home. These companies will custom design panels to fit your space and ensure they generate as much energy as possible by placing them in the right place. You don’t need to lift a finger. The whole thing could be done in as little as one working day.


Solar used to be ineffective and expensive to install. These days, the price of both panels and installation has dropped to a much more reasonable level, and the systems themselves have become much more productive. Even if the initial costs are high, it is still an investment. Once installed, your bills will fade away while you are left with clean, sustainable energy and no bills to pay. When broken down, the long term savings of solar panels are immense compared to traditional energy bills.

Break Free and Take Control!

Once you’ve had these panels installed, you will no longer be at the mercy of energy providers and their ever-changing tariffs. You are the master of your own energy and have full control over how it is used, stored, and enjoyed throughout your home or office. For the next 25 years, you do not need to spend hours once a year looking for the best deals on energy or signing up for energy switching services. You got it covered, and it’s free! The feeling of financial independence, money-saving, and time-saving all at once is a real bonus of solar energy.


Government Incentives

Here in Australia, you may have heard of the ‘solar rebate’ or STC scheme. But what is it? Well, from now until 2031, the government is actively encouraging the purchase and installation of solar panels in a bid to drive green and sustainable energy. It’s important to understand it isn’t actually a rebate; the government isn’t literally giving you cash for installing solar. What it is, however, is the government subsidizing part of the price of a solar system using a scheme called the Small-scale Technology Certificate. The STC price varies based on demand, so it rises and falls slightly depending on the current demand for solar installation.

For example, if the STC price is $37, then the subsidy savings total on a 4.95KW system would be over $3,000. It’s important to note that this incentive value is set to reduce by one-fifteenth every year until it ends in 2031. So, if you’re thinking about getting panels installed, there is no better time than the present.

What About My Roof?

The technology used in installing solar panels has become so sophisticated that there is simply no need to worry about your roof being damaged or buckling under the weight of your new energy system. In fact, there’s even more of an upside to putting these things on your roof – they add value. That’s right, the fact that you have a solar power system installed in your home increases its appeal and value. It really is a long-term investment in so many ways.

Good for the Earth

Finally, and very importantly, solar energy is far better for our planet than any of the alternatives. Every day, the sun provides 174 quadrillion watts of energy to us, for free. No digging of oil or gas required, no transport, no power plant, and no machinery. Sustainability is key now to the survival of our planet, and solar is an amazing way that you can impact the Earth in a positive way. What more could you want?


If the reasons above don’t make you think solar is an excellent choice for your home, we’re not sure what will! We hope you will consider installing a solar power system in your home and guarantee you will see all these benefits very quickly if you do go for it – good luck and enjoy the free energy!


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