4 Awesome Casinos you should Visit in your Lifetime

There’s a lot of casinos out there to choose from. A lot. 


With the recent phenomenon of the online casino, there’s now more than ever and the numbers are increasing every single day, albeit with some having questionable licensing, but the point still stands. 


It’s because of this digital shift that, I think, the brick-and-mortar casinos are being lost in translation. The experience of visiting the casino is starting to fade away with more convenient ways to play from smartphones, tablets, and laptops and although the tech isn’t a bad thing, it’s a little sad to see the traditional casino lose traction. 


But there’s something special about visiting a great casino. For those of us that love to visit the odd establishment every now and again, I couldn’t recommend a “casino bucket list” enough – A list of the very best casinos throughout the world to visit before we kick the bucket.


So what should be on the top of your casino bucket list, what are the top 4 casinos that you should visit in your lifetime?  

1. Grand Lisboa, Macau 

First up we’re heading to the gambling capital of the world (Accordingly to Daily Gamblers Digest), no, not Las Vegas, but Macau, an autonomous region on the south coast of China. 


The Grand Lisboa might just be the very best of the huge selection of casinos that gamers will find in Macau, dominating the skyline for miles around standing at a giant 856ft and shaped like a lotus flower. With such an iconic display of architecture, it makes for a must-visit for all visitors to the area, not just those that love to gamble.


But the Grand Lisboa isn’t just pretty on the outside, it’s just as glamorous when making your way through the front doors and heading to the gaming rooms. With giant skylights, chandeliers and statement pieces filling the gaming areas, it feels like an entirely new level of casino – a Hollywood exaggeration of luxury. 


Serious gamers will be happy to hear that there’s a great selection of games too with over 230 gaming tables and 880 slots to get stuck into. Bet’s aren’t exactly on the smaller size though with a minimum of HK$300 ($38.35) increasing up to a huge HK$5 million.


If you get the chance, you must visit the Grand Lisboa in your lifetime. 

2. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Hanging around Asia for just a little, we’re moving on to Singapore, more specifically, Marina Bay Sands, an integrated resort that fronts the Maria Bay (great guide to the local gambling scene here). 


Opened in 2011, the casino stood as the single most expensive standalone casino with a hefty price tag of $8 billion when all things were totted up. No doubt the building was a wise investment and with a 2,561-room hotel, 1,300,000 sq ft convention-exhibition center and 800,000 sq ft Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands Mall, it makes for one of the most impressive casinos ever built. 


When it comes to the actual gaming portion of a visitor’s stay, there’s little chance that they’ll be disappointed. With an impressive 500 tables standing alongside 1,600 slot machines, making sure that all guests are looked after, it’s very difficult to complain. 


But it truly is the entire experience that Marina Bay Sands offers that sets it apart from the rest and with unrivaled amenities and attractions, it’s not hard to see why. Celebrity chefs, a giant SkyPark, a 490 ft infinity pool and plenty of other Easter Egg’s cover the 20-hectare resort. 


A must-visit for any serious gaming fan. 

3. The Bellagio, Las Vegas 

It wouldn’t be a list of top casinos without the visit to the fabulous Las Vegas, so that’s where you’ll find yourself heading next, with our personal favorite, the Bellagio. 


Famed for its 8-acre lake separating the resort from the strip, the Bellagio is the height of luxury when visiting Sin City. The lake itself hosts the world-famous Fountains of Bellagio, a dancing fountain show synchronized to music. It’s this, alongside the striking architecture and impressive stature, that cements The Bellagio into the history books as one of the most iconic resorts on the strip. 


Moving on to the games available and you’ll quickly find that the Bellagio guests only seem to have the one game on their mind – poker. With high table limits, especially in the famed Bobby’s room named after Bobby Baldwin, it’s hardly a shock that many pros like to call this home or “the office”. 


Frequent players include Daniel Negreanu and Jenifer Harman with pots regularly exceeding $1 million, it’s the place to be for poker nuts around the world. It’s definitely one to add to the list if you’re a fan of the game – or dancing fountains. 

4. Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco

Last up on our list, maybe the very best and most famous casino in the world – Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco. 


Upon arrival at the casino, visitors will find a messy collection of high-end sports cars and classic, collectible vehicles with their owner’s gaming behind closed doors. However, it’s the grand architecture and history surrounding the casino that really makes it special. 


With the concept of the casino belonging to Princess Caroline, spouse of Prince Florestan I, the casino stands as one of the very few with a royal blessing for operation. Built and opened in 1863, the casino is also one of the oldest establishments that still thrives today and despite the modifications and renovations to the interior, the exterior stands as period-correct as the day it was opened. 


Lucian Marinescu, of OnlineCasinoGems, shares our enthusiasm for the casino stating: “There’s something incredibly special about it – the grand Casino de Monte Carlo. Maybe it’s just an unhealthy obsession with James Bond, or maybe it’s something deeper, all I know is that I’ve completely fallen in love with the place!”


If you’re a fan of the casino, of architecture or of obscene wealth, it’s Casino de Monte Carlo that really starts ticking off all the boxes. It is a true masterpiece.

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