3 Ways Connection With Animals Improves Your Wellbeing

Today, with the global pandemic, economic recessions, several natural disasters, and many other crises that are happening in the world, feelings of depression, anxiety, as well as loneliness have significantly increased amongst people. There has been more than a double increase in the percentage of adults that have reported symptoms of some form of psychological distress in recent few months as researchers at Johns Hopkins University would claim.



Even though the research on the connection between humans and animals, as well as their interactions, is still relatively new, many studies have shown good and positive effects of contact with animals interacting with them.

Here are 3 examples of how the individual’s wellbeing can be improved by forming a connection with animals.

1. Horses

Just being in the presence of horses has been shown to have a reassuring as well as a calming effect on people. As a plus, a great activity to add is horseback riding. Building up a relationship with the horse is a great way to develop hardiness and a couple of protective factors that are related to how people cope with stressful events.

To start, you would need to just spend time with your horse, without setting any expectations upfront. You could enjoy reading while your horse is there or simply have your coffee or tea in his presence. Another great way to build up a connection with the horse is to have him with you around a campfire. Since breaks are necessary from time to time and are a healthy form of escape, these activities are great and are an excellent way of setting your mind at ease, especially since there is something special about horses and how they impact humans. Permitting yourself to un-schedule your life during any stressful period is essential. By making an effort to show your horse that your acceptance, appreciation, and love do not depend on the quality of his performance will launch new levels of friendship between you. In situations where your horse experiences the state of relaxation in your presence, a positive emotional memory will be stored in both of your brains.

Not only that our horse will associate you with feelings of comfort, but you as well. The relationship that you have with each other will be strengthened by spending quality time with your horse and your well-being will be affected.

2. Cats

In case that you already are a cat owner, there is no doubt you have quickly realized the amazing effect cats have on your mood and well-being. No matter if you are being greeted with a purr as soon as you wake up, the positive impact of their presence can not be denied. Although, there is more than this. The research has shown that cat companionship can help people to get rid of feeling lonely.

It has been reviewed by the survey that out of 600 people 86 percent of individuals who owned a cat, sensed and had a positive impact on their wellbeing. On the other hand, 76 percent believed that having a cat made coping with life easier in general.

One of the key characteristics of cats is purring. Although, purring is more than just a happy sound. The purr fluctuates between 20 and 140 Hz. It has been proven that these frequencies are medically therapeutic and reduce stress.

3. Dogs

People who own dogs on average get more exercise than those who are not owners of these canine creatures. Dogs need regular exercise just like humans do, and are often in the mood for hikes, walks, or any type of activity they can spend outdoors. Since many individuals do not move around enough on a regular basis, having to take care of the dog will ensure that they are active on a daily basis for at least an hour.

So, instead of hitting the gym, you could grab a leash, and take your puppy for a walk instead. As a plus, dogs make humans feel protected and safer. Sleep experts have confirmed through research that sleeping in the same room as your four-legged friend can actually help you drift off faster than normal.

The reason for this being that the sense of comfort and security is gained from the dog and from its presence.

Having a true connection with an animal has health benefits. Many studies have shown that chronic pain and stress can reduce stress while fighting depression can be easier. These were some of the examples of how your wellbeing can be improved by firing a connection with a cat, dog, and a horse, so you can imagine what other animals can provide you with.


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