3 Top Rated Training Tips Debunked!

Here is a riddle for you:  What Do Cesar Millan and Orson Well’s Animal Farm have in common?


Sarah Hodgson who Animal Planet calls her the East Coast Dog Whisper. Her clients call her the canine miracle worker. Sarah’s secret? She loves dogs, puppies and people!
sarah hodgson and 3 dogs


Dog’s don’t want to dominate our homes any more than pigs want to take over humanity.  Read on for the rest of the story.
Huffington Post, 3/17/14

…..As a trainer, I’m always impressed and amused when a client tells me they can get their dog to wait for their supper.

Comment A — “I put his dinner bowl on the ground, and he’ll wait for an hour until I say okay!”

Comment B — “I can walk across the room, and she won’t touch her meal until I release her.”

“Bravo!” I say. I have four dogs, and although I’m a dog trainer with some acclaim, I’ve never considered asking one of them to wait to eat. It seems treason enough that they have to eat the same molded little kibbles day in and day out. Who am I to make them wait?…>