Building an Effective Mailing List for Your Cosmetics Business

Posted By Stacy |


An email campaign, when conducted properly, is one of the most effective and inexpensive marketing methods available to the ecommerce entrepreneur. With that said, the quality of your mailing list determines the success you’ll achieve. While there are many companies out there selling lists, their efficacy is suspect at best.


While that shortcut is a very tempting prospect, the fact of the matter is there’s no getting around the fundamentals of building an effective mailing list for your cosmetics business. Yes, it can take a bit of time to get a solid one together, but if you employ these tactics, it will happen more quickly and you’ll create a strong list in the process.


Hassle Free Subscribing


In most cases, your first-time customers will have found you via search. When they arrive at your site, in addition to your outstanding products, they should find an opportunity to subscribe on every page of the site. Most marketing experts agree the ideal location for this is above the fold as part of the header of the site, but wherever you place it, make sure registering is easy to find and easy to do.


Give to Get


When you’re selling makeup online, you have a distinct advantage in that cosmetics companies routinely provide you with free samples of new products. Use them as incentives to entice site visitors to sign up for your mailing list. “Register now and get your free eyes and lips kit.“ People love getting free stuff. Similarly, you can offer rewards for existing customers who refer others to subscribe to your list.


Invite With Deliveries


Customers are excited when they open packages. You also have their undivided attention. This is an excellent opportunity to get them to revisit your site and sign up. (It’s also a good chance to generate additional sales.) Your packing slips should include an invitation to sign up for your mailing list; ditto the invoices and even the labels on your products. These calls to action should appear everywhere practical. It’s an easy way to get a sign-up invitation in front of a customer.


Ask Post Purchase


While you definitely want to minimize the checkout process, once customers have completed their transactions, have your site trigger a pop-up reminder to subscribe to the mailing list. If they liked your wares enough to make a purchase, they’re more likely to sign up at that point. Take advantage of the opportunity.


Provide Another Opportunity


As difficult as it might be for you to imagine, some people will visit your site without making a purchase. They’ll shop around a bit, and then navigate away. As they’re about to do so, have your site trigger a pop-up with copy along the lines of; “Great new deals appear here all the time. To be among the first to find out about them, register now and you’ll also get a free sample of—“


Leverage Social Media


If you’re selling makeup online, a strong social presence is a must-have. In addition to touting your blog posts (yes, you need a blog too) you can use it to run promotions, contests and giveaways wherein users click-through to your site and register with their email addresses. “Post a shot of your favorite evening look at our website and win—“


These are but a few of the proven methods of building an effective email marketing list for your cosmetics business. Again, it won’t happen overnight, but this organic approach to assembling a legion of faithful customers will go a long way toward sustaining your company.