How To Get That Youthful Glow Again

youthful glowNo, the answer is definitely not getting pregnant!! I have tried that twice, and my “glow” just ends up being chubby cheeks and pregnancy mask (frown). So if you aren’t pregnant or pregnancy doesn’t help your glow, this article is for you!

It doesn’t matter what your age is, you can always look younger and feel better about your appearance with just a few simple steps. I don’t know about you, but even though I am a stay at home mom in my 30’s and stay in my house all day every once in a while, I like to still feel good about myself when I look in the mirror. And when I do leave the house, I don’t want to spend 30 minutes on my makeup just to look presentable (not to mention I never have that much time anyway). So I started experimenting with lots of products to get that youthful glow back. I want to look good with or without my makeup, and I am not okay with injecting myself with drugs and chemicals to take my wrinkles away. So here it goes – my go-to home regimen for that healthy-looking glow!

1. Cleanse. Two items together equal complete cleansing. A great cleanser based on your skin type (typically gel or foaming cleanser for more oily skin and creamy cleanser for dry skin), and a cleansing brush like the Sirius Sonic Skincare System I use. Clarisonic is the most popular brand of this product, but it was 6 times the price after my discounted Groupon price of the Sirius Sonic System, so I gave Sirius a try. It also has attachments for all of your other skin care steps as well, so your skin will thank you!

2. Exfoliate. This step is the trickiest of them all. It will vary completely based on your skin issues. If you have acne and wrinkles like me, I only use virgin, unrefined organic coconut oil with baking soda mixed in to make a paste. I scrub this in ever so gently, but the coconut oil has antibacterial properties to help fight my acne breakouts, and its extra moisturization just makes it exceptional! If you do not have acne or breakout issues, I would recommend Mary Kay’s microdermabrasion set – it uses the same alumina-oxide crystals they use in the dermatologist’s office that are perfectly spherical and don’t damage your skin (most exfoliators have microscopic jagged edges that can tear your skin). They simply go in and out of your pores to remove dead skin cells and grime to reduce your look of pores and produce that healthy glow.

3. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Did I mention you need to moisturize?! You will never have a healthy glow with dry, flaky, lifeless skin. The older we get, the more moisture we need to combat our dry skin issues. I love to use coconut oil for a pampering moisturizing facial every now and then, but for my daily moisturizers I use a different one for morning and night. My morning cream MUST have SPF in it – skin cancer runs in my family and I am very passionate about this, and sun exposure is the greatest cause of premature aging of the skin. I use Mary Kay’s Timewise Repair Day And Night Creams because they not only provide moisture on my skin, but they contain hyaluronic acid which causes your skin to actually absorb moisture and give it that plump, youthful look.

4. Eye Cream. Nothing tells your true age quicker than severe lid crepiness and dark, puffy undereye circles. I love smile lines (a.k.a. crow’s feet) – they add character to a person’s face and show they prefer to be happy and smiley, but anything more than that just makes us look old. So I use an eye cream that has hyaluronic acid, peptides, and brightening agents to take care of all the unsightly eye problems. I insist on only one product to take care of everything which is why I love Mary Kay’s TimeWise Repair Eye Renewal Cream. This amazing product even has a patented metal applicator which is made out of the same materials the metal balls they use on boxer’s eyes to immediately reduce puffiness and cool and soothe upon contact. All around, this definitely has the best bang-for-your-buck.

5. Minimalist makeup. With your skin looking this healthy on its own, all you will need to do is put a coat of mascara (on curled lashes of course), a hint of peachy-pink cream blush and a nude-ish lipgloss and you are good to go!

Author Bio: You can find Karen dripping with coconut oil while writing for home security Dallas.