Your Long-Distance Relationship Might Fizzle Out Soon: Tips to Revive the Spark

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Long-distance relationships are complicated. The distance and time zone difference makes it hard to stay connected at all times, and the lack of physical touch can be a real strain on your relationship.

But there is hope! There are many things you can do to keep your long-distance relationship alive and well. Here are tips for keeping that spark alive in your long-distance relationship.

Send a Care Package

Your long-distance relationship might fizzle out soon unless you send a care package. Of course, a gift isn’t necessary, but a little card and note will do wonders for your partner’s mood. Anything from a heartfelt letter to your favorite candy or flowers will do the trick.

Know what is appropriate for them. For instance, if they love flowers, be sure to order from a reliable flower delivery company to not disappoint them! You can pack snacks in case when you come home, their fridge might be empty, and there are no takeout places open.

Also, don’t forget to pack something that smells good. And lastly, pack a favorite dish or food item (but be aware they might have allergies). When you send your loved one a care package, they’ll know how much you love and value their presence in your life.

They’ll receive the care package with anticipation and excitement. They’ll feel as if they’re a priority in your life and that you care about them deeply.

Plan Virtual Date Nights

Planning virtual date nights is a great way to keep that spark going with your long-distance relationship. After all, you’ll just be sitting in front of your computers talking–no transportation or drinks necessary.

The best part? You don’t have to spend any money when getting away from it all. You can both feel better about the date night by agreeing on a set time limit.

Agreeing on ground rules beforehand is also handy. Maybe talking only about what’s happening in the virtual world would do. And even though this might be hard with long-distance relationships, try not to multitask while you’re video chatting.

Pay Attention to Phone Calls

People in long-distance relationships often only see each other once or twice a month, so checking up on a phone call during the weekdays can help you stay connected. This will also make it easier to keep your partner from feeling like they’re not an essential part of your everyday life.

One way to make the phone calls more enjoyable is by turning them into a game. For example, you and your partner can take turns guessing what’s in each other’s hands or tell one another stories about people on the street that you’ve seen during the day.

Give yourself something new to talk about every time that you call so that it doesn’t feel like just an obligation for both of you. You could also try asking questions – open-ended ones rather than yes or no responses. Such include “What did you do today?” or “How was your walk/day at work?”.

This will help keep things fresh and give both of you plenty of opportunities to get creative with how you answer those questions. Another way to keep things interesting is by taking turns role-playing.

For example, you could have your partner play the part of a person you’re meeting for an interview. Maybe one night they’ll play the interviewer, and another night you can switch parts, so it doesn’t get too stale!

Send Photo Texts of Your Day

A recent study reveals that couples who regularly send photo texts to each other are more likely to stay together than those who don’t. People want proof of their partner’s existence, texting does that!

It might sound like a hassle, but it’s worth the effort. Send them photos of your day – in their bed before they wake up. Let them know that you’re thinking about them and feeling close to them even when miles exist between you.

It’s not just the act of sending a photo that matters. It’s what you write in the text and how often. Couples who text each other multiple times per day are most likely to stay together. The more someone texts their partner, the more likely they will say that their marriage is doing well.

Besides, couples who text at least once per day are happier and more satisfied with their relationships than those who don’t. Researchers don’t have a definite answer to why this might be true but it could be because texting builds a sense of intimacy and connection with your partner.

Have a Plan for Your Next Meeting

Set a date for the next meeting, and make sure to include something you both have been wanting to do in your plans. Just because you are apart does not mean that you can’t explore new things together.

If you can’t come up with anything to do, ask your partner what they want to try. Maybe it’s a new restaurant or an activity that neither of you has tried before. It doesn’t matter how far apart you are together. If you share the same interests and love for one another, things will go accordingly.

Don’t forget to make plans for when you return home, too. Please make sure the first few weeks are filled with lots of high-quality time together so that your long-distance relationship doesn’t fizzle out before it has a chance to grow into something more promising and satisfying.​

Ensure You Laugh Together

At the end of a long-distance relationship, it’s important to remember that you need to laugh together. One way is just by telling jokes over Skype or FaceTime. Another would be getting your significant other in on some funny videos or trending memes on social media.

You could also share pictures and caption them with funny captions. All of these things will make you laugh together and keep the spark alive for your long-distance relationship.


If you’re in a long-distance relationship, it’s normal to feel like your connection with the other person is waning. But just because you can’t physically be together doesn’t mean that this feeling means things are over for good. There are many ways to keep your bond strong and avoid those feelings of distance from creeping up on you – like being intentional about how you connect and prioritizing one another in your life. Whatever the situation is, there are ways to work through it together.


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