Sidestep Stress Best-Selling Author Shares 5-Step Clear-Your-Worries-Now Exercise

Not only does worrying about your past and future prevent you from enjoying today, but research has linked worrying to physical health issues including coronary heart disease, heightened cortisol response, lowered immune reaction, and sleep problems.

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Everyone has worries, but Diana’s Clear-Your-Worries-Now Exercise lets you literally toss away the concerns that detract from your present so that you can enjoy the abundance of today.


STEP 1: Prepare for Your Work

Fold a piece of plain white paper in thirds, then open it back up. Draw a line along each of the folds.


STEP 2: Get Clear on Your Worries

At the top of each column you have created, write (from left to right) “Past,” “Present,” and “Future.” Beneath each column, write the worries that are associated with that time. So, if you are worried about something you said at a meeting two weeks ago, write that under “Past.” If you are worried about whether or not you will have your job next year, write that under “Future.”


STEP 3: See Your Reality

Notice true worries are under past or future. Under “Present,” write your reality for today. You will notice there are more victories than any real worry that has come to fruition. Once a worry comes into fruition, it’s not a worry anymore. By the way, a victory doesn’t have to be a huge accomplishment. Waking up healthy, going for a walk, or cooking breakfast could be victories. Or a victory could be something that is grander in scale, such as getting a new job or buying a house.


STEP 4: Let Go

Since worries live in the past or future, you can let them go. Look at the “today” column and tear off your past column and rip it up. Then do the same with your future column. You will be left with only your reality in the present.


STEP 5: Be Present Now

Look at what’s in the remaining “Present” column and behold only what you need to deal with today. This will focus you on the here and now.

Tip: Keep the “present” column all day and reread it. Do another Clear-Your-Worries-Now exercise any time you feel the grip of past or future concerns.