Your First Vacation as a Couple


Entering a new relationship can be incredibly fun, no matter your age. During this time of bonding and getting to know one another mentally, emotionally, and physically, you might also consider spending some time away from home. This can allow you both to relax together, potentially soak up some sun, and enjoy some more intimate moments in a destination of your choosing. Before jetting off, you will both need to sit down and figure out what is affordable, as well as where you would like to go, and in what timeframe.

Celebrate the Milestone

No matter how much time has passed since you initially first started dating, taking a vacation together for the first time is a pretty big milestone. You will be trusting each other to ensure you are both safe and happy during time away from both of your comfort zones. One way that you could opt to celebrate is to create a world map canvas that shows where you are traveling to. This can be kept within your home, or you could make one for each of you if you are not currently living together, to document this journey and be able to reminisce as you grow together as a couple. You can also drive through beautiful European destinations with your car, just make sure to have an international driving permit.

Allow for Me-Time

Even though you will be traveling together, that doesn’t mean that you need to be glued at the hip for the duration of the vacation, especially if it spans a number of weeks. In any relationship, some time to yourselves can help you both to still have your unique interests, as well as to appreciate your own company. The same can be said while on vacation. In addition to this, there may also be certain activities that one of you wants to do that the other isn’t keen on. You might want to try your hand at water sports, or your partner may want to check out the historic sites. If this is not something that the other person has any real interest in, you could both agree on certain days where you will enjoy the break separately, so no one needs to miss out.

Live in the Moment

Particularly if you are a fairly new couple, it can be tempting to try to document every single moment. While it can be nice to have some pictures together marking your trip, it will be far better enjoyed if you don’t have a cellphone or camera in hand every few minutes. By not taking those pictures, you may be more inclined to enjoy the time as it occurs, and even be more likely to retain those good memories, than you would if many things were seen via a lens or screen. Another positive aspect is that you will be able to connect more with each other, giving your full attention most of the time.

Having a vacation as a couple can allow you both to get to know each other on a deeper level, without the pressures of everyday life. Planning ahead can allow for some wonderful memories that can help solidify your relationship.


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