You must see the Jewels from these Countries


Gem Museum: Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has many religious sites and beautiful natural environments. It has exotic customs and town facilities left from the maritime colonial era. Known as “the tears in the Indian Ocean”, she is a country infiltrated by Dharma. Beautiful beaches, ancient city of millennium, Dutch castle and rich tropical plants are her travel labels. For those who have escaped from the fast-paced urban life to come to Sri Lanka, you can try to slow yourself down, take a small train from Colombo to the beachfront of Galle, take a cup of Ceylon black tea, read a few pages of books, and let the sea breeze pass through the hair and savor the taste of Lanka. There are many places of interest in Sri Lanka, such as Alonnaruwa, Anuradhapura and Lion Rock, all are the ancient ruins of the ancient Ceylon. In addition, Sri Lanka is also rich in all kinds of colored gemstones. It is one of the countries with the most varieties of gemstones. The world’s largest sapphire, starlight ruby, starlight sapphire, cat’s eye, and Alexander stone (transformed stone) are all from Sri Lanka. When you come to Sri Lanka, you must experience the charm of the country of gems.

God’s treasure box: Russia. Russia is sparsely populated, and most of the time is in a state of extreme cold, which has created the frank mind of the fighting nation, and also gave birth to brilliant works of art and literature. In Russia, the Red Square in Moscow, the Kremlin, the elegant and romantic St. Petersburg, the pure Baikal and the scenic Black Sea are all worth visiting. Go hiking in the Siberian forest is also a good choice. The Siberian forest in the late autumn is like a paint box that God has overturned. The colors of red, green, yellow and purple are gathered together, so beautiful that people forget to breathe. Beyond these beautiful scenery, Russia is also the world’s largest producer of diamonds, accounting for 35% of the global diamond production value. In addition, Russia’s Ural Mountains are rich in colored gemstones infinity necklace . The garnet from the Ural Mountains has a stronger dispersion than diamonds and is a very precious green gem. The variety and quality of Russian gemstones live up to the reputation of “god’s treasure box”. When come to Russia, how can you not look at these treasures of nature?

Top Gem Synonym: Myanmar. Myanmar is a mysterious country for many people. In the news media, Myanmar is a country with “military dictatorship”, “material shortage” and “people can hardly survive”. Aside from the government level, Myanmar is a country with a simple folk customs. The people are warm-hearted, friendly and kind. Myanmar is also a well-deserved Buddhist country. 90% of Burmese people believe in Buddhism. It is said that Burmese men have two major events in their lives: the first is to be a monk, the second is marriage. When it comes to Buddhism, there is a Buddhist-themed landscape. The capital of Myanmar, Yangon, is the most famous Buddhist shrine in Myanmar. The folk architecture in the city has a traditional Burmese style and can see the shadow of the Western world. In addition to Yangon, Bagan is also a famous Buddhist cultural site in Myanmar. During the heyday, there were more than 10,000 pagodas in the area. For the Chinese, Myanmar’s most famous product is jade. Myanmar is the only commercial-grade jade producing country in the world. For Myanmar, which is in its infancy, jade is an important treasure given by nature. In addition to jade, Myanmar’s red sapphires are also known for their overall quality. Red sapphires customized necklace in the market, especially Burmese rubies, are often expensive if they carry identification reports from Myanmar. The quality non-burnt red sapphires from Myanmar are always sought after by major auction houses. When you arrive in Myanmar, you may want to experience the experience of selling precious stones like selling vegetables.

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