You and Your Hormones


Hormones are the original influencers. Hormones are chemicals made in the body that communicate with tissues and organs to activate specific, vital functions. Hormones help us grow, signal sleep, provide the possibility to create life, power desires, stoke energy, and give the stunning physical characteristics of femininity.  When hormones are out of balance we see and feel the difference.

How Does Eden Meet Your Needs?:

There are a lot of things we do in the name of wellness.  But true self-care isn’t just about face masks and meditation.  Symptoms of hormonal upheaval are belly bloat, cycle centric acne, brain fog, and thinning hair just to name a few. Truly, hormone balance a priority for overall health. This starts with feeding the tissues and organs that synthesize and maintain endocrine and adrenal function the nutrients they need, every single day.

Why Eden was born: 

Eden is a daily supplement that makes it simple to get essential nourishment for overall hormone health. Eden is a blend of 28 vitamins, minerals, and botanicals designed to support hormone balance from the inside out.

What’s in Eden:

  • B Vitamins – Transform food into fuel that enables you to get the most from your healthy diet.  Essential to the function of your major hormone systems.
  • Antioxidants – Protect and repair all cells to maintain health and prevent early signs of ageing.  Boost the power of minerals, vitamins, and herbs. Nourishing to your thyroid.
  • Minerals – Earth elements involved in brain signaling and DNA integrity, fortify the immune system, and are important to maintaining regular monthly cycles.
  • Inositol – the ultimate mind/body element to support neurotransmitters and support ovarian function.  Great for balancing blood sugar and keeping sweet cravings in check.
  • D3 – The most hard-working vitamin in the game.  The building block for all hormones. Helps maintain healthy skin and strong bones.
  • Herbs – Roots – Plants – Adaptogens combat stress so you can power through your work day and work out.  Ancient herbs and roots stoke the libido and ease PMS symptoms.
  • Mushrooms – funky fungi help boost energy without the crash, supports immunity, and promotes restful sleep.
  • Probiotics and Enzymes – A happy gut contributes to a strong immune system, better mood, balanced digestion, and optimal nutrient absorption. Video resizing and fullscreen mode are only allowed for premium users. Create a free one webcam sex free — it is available anywhere. Unique online sex chat gives you a juicy chat with girls 18 + who are always happy to pose in front of a webcam. Will allow you to meet a guy or girl for sex, find a partner in the next entrance or the house opposite. Sex chat – watch video broadcasts of girls for free, communicate on intimate topics, exchange photos and video messages.
  • Cranberry- Sweet, tart, and smart!  Cranberry’s powerful antioxidant and antibacterial properties have been trusted to boost urinary tract health for years.

Eden was created by Nutritionist, Katie Fitzgerald as a means of coping with hormonal upheaving following fertility treatments. She and co-founder Pete Boyles launched an e-commerce platform, in September 2019. The website also shares some great resources to help women better understand the role hormones play in overall health, stress, mood, weight management, and reproductive health. Katie is passionate about redefining and reclaiming female hormone function as a positive asset, not a burden to bear. Katie lives and works in Manhattan with her 8 month old twin sons and husband Charles.


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