Yogi Akal Reveals “Love in The Numbers” – What Your Birthdays Say about your Relationships

Is this a good time to be in a relationship or move forward?What should I do or change to get into a relationship?   Yogi Akal, and his expertise on alignment and relationships are based on numbers.


 Yogi Akal (also known as Agia Akal Singh Khalsa) is an expert in working with the total being, both personally and professionally. An accomplished Yogi, Sikh minister, social commentator and widely sought after consultant, counselor and teacher, he is also a dynamic and compelling speaker, having conducted hundreds of programs throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Since 1973, Yogi Akal has been teaching people how to achieve optimal health, wellness and success; reaching out and communicating, understanding the world we live in, how the mind, body and spirit connect, and how to achieve one’s potential on the job, at school, or at home. He has a distinguished record with prominent universities, schools, hospitals, mental health facilities, international Yoga organizations, government agencies, and corporations.

Yogi is frequently called upon by network media producers and celebrities, political and government figures, business and spiritual leaders, athletes, doctors and educators, as well as everyday people for perspective and strategy. Also well-versed in social commentary and current trends, news entities such as CNN and CNBC have counted on him for valuable insights into the people and events that shape the world and the local community. 


I had a chance to ask Yogi some questions




What can you tell me about my future and my past?


YOGI’S REPLY:  Your life took a turn a moment before you were born. It could have been a very difficult life. Instead it has been interesting at least, inspiring at best. With that kind of good fortune you have three important lessons to learn and then share: 1) don’t react, 2) don’t judge, 3) don’t get negative. Taking things personally is your Achilles Heel.


2013 has three parts. From January to September clean up and be generous. From September to December, don’t look back anymore. Forge ahead with a plan for at least ten years of success. In May, take some time for honest reflection. Use your intuition. It has never failed you. Your emotions have.


Emotional responses can be satisfying but they are destructive 50% of the time for you, so why take the risk. Your remarkable ability to bring light to any situation should always prevail.



I don’t want to find myself divorced at 60. What are my chances of staying the only wife?

stacy and ed at Steve Merringhoff

YOGI’S REPLY:  Your husband is all or nothing. If he is with you now, he is not going anywhere. You can both let the past go. Please be very patient with him this year. His world is changing. If you become insecure it will make his heart harder. If you connect with him, especially though his sense of fair play, he will pull through a challenging year. 2013 is not what he expected. The good news is that he always sees the potential and will fight for his values (and yours). The bad news is that he still has some old situations and perhaps resentments (not neccessarily around your marriage) that need to be cleared up. June would be a good time for him to address this.


My son is graduating college in May. What are his chances to find success in career and romance?

 alexander cap and gown

YOGI’S REPLY:  Your son does not need chances. He is an explorer, looking for ways to grow his own consciousness and change the world. In 2013, he needs to pursue any kind of athletic activity possible. He should also travel and perhaps teach. Then he will be ready for the next step in his process, which begins in 2014. This is a rich and open hearted-man. Give him a year or so to build a path. He is a leader. Many will follow him.


In romance, step back. You may not understand his choices. He is unique and clear, when he says so.

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