World’s First Luxury Cannabis Tours Launch in Colorado

Wine  tours are so yesterday.  Colorado as become the Amsterdam of the United States.

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Spiro Tours, a brand new tour operator based in Colorado, have become the first company in the US to offer luxury cannabis tours of the region, giving out-of-towners  the inside track on a new and fascinating post-Amendment 64 world. The company’s high end tours, created in the same spirit as an exclusive Napa Valley wine vacation, invite travelers to try legalized cannabis and explore the culture and industry behind it while experiencing some of Colorado’s finest sights and attractions. Adding education to entertainment, the tours will also delve into production processes with fascinating, educational trips that get to the heart of cannabis growth and farming, how it is dispensed, and how its by-products like THC can be used in consumables for a relaxing recreational experience.



This new and rapidly-evolving industry is set to become the fastest growing economic sector in the region, and those who book a place on one of the utterly unique Spiro marijuana tours  will be invited to learn more about a fascinating cult industry that has been repressed and contained for decades. They will also experience everything Colorado has to offer in sumptuous luxury, with a five-star hotel acting as a base, fine dining included in the price of the tour, and the opportunity to embark on a number of excursions that celebrate the best of the state all year-round.

Spiro Tours is the brainchild of former New York equity derivatives trader Nick Brown who gave up his life in the city to set up shop in Colorado. The entrepreneur says, “Our brand newcannabis tours in Colorado are a world-first, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to remove ill-conceived and poorly constructed ideas about cannabis from the public perception. We want to educate all of our clients, destigmatizing responsible cannabis usage and emphasizing that there is a safe, responsible way to explore this new world without the clichés and bad press.”

Spiro Tours currently offers a number of weekend tours that take in a multitude of exciting attractions and sights, from the natural splendor of the Rocky Mountains, to the adrenaline-rush of a Denver Broncos football game. Depending on the dates of their booking, customers are encouraged to rock out at Red Rocks, one of the world’s finest music venues, hit the slopes at a world-famous ski resort or soak in the mountain hot springs, all while sampling and sharing Colorado’s finest cannabis.

State law currently makes no distinction between residents and non-residents when it comes to possession of cannabis, making it the perfect destination for anyone in the US or beyond who has ever wished they could experience the much-maligned herb away from societal pressures and free from legal constraint and judgment. is the first pot tourism company to turn legalization into a luxury attraction, with an emphasis on relaxation and rejuvenation, as well as providing unrivaled access to the most exciting and beautiful places in Colorado.