Workout Friday with Rhonda Hunt and Sign Up for @Gildasclubwestchester 2017 STAIRCLIMB


Sunday 10/29 is the Gilda’s Club Westchester 5th Annual StairClimb fundraiser at the White Plains High School. 

Rhonda Hunt, of Barry’s Bootcamp, will be leading the warm up before the Stairclimb.   On Friday, 10/20 she will lead a Bootcamp at Athleta Scarsdale as a “warm up” to the event 10/29.  There will also be reps from Gildas to sign up for the Stairclimb.    

 SIGN UP on Friday 9:00a for @gildasclubwestchester 2017 STAIRCLIMB on 10/29 Gilda’s Club in White Plains provides support for ALL OF THOSE AFFECTED BY CANCER Be inspired, get inspired into action!!

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